tokis in phoenix, az?

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  1. i'm going to phoenix in the first week of september and was wondering if any of you know if they have tokis and if so, where should i check?

    i'm really hoping to find some that's not at hawaii's jacked up prices and it would be even better if i find some on sale ... or maybe i could get my first zucca! :smile:

    our macy's and Nordstrom's doesn't carry lesportsac either so i would even check these stores if i have the time.

    does anyone know? :smile:
    much mahalos in advance!
  2. hello!!
    the only place so far that i have been able to find any is Nordstroms @ the chandler mall
    where in phx are you going to be?? you probably wont b far from chandler
    i plan on calling a couple macys & the only other Nordies in arizona to see if they had any cuz i wanna see tutti in person
    let me tell you it is HOT!!! at night it doesnt get too horrible but still kinda bad we been storming lately so have fun!!!
  3. thanks for the info tokidokigurl!!!

    i'm going to be staying at the pointe hilton squaw peak resort. wait, is that right? lol. i'm not sure exactly where that is in phoenix. i'll have to google map it to see where i'll be in relation to chandler mall.

    is it hot already?? =P oh poo! luckily i'll be indoors at workshops for most of the day. :smile:
  4. Both Nordstrom and Macy's in the Chandler Fashion Center Mall have them, as well as the Macy's in Scottsdale Fashion Square. Do a search for Arizona or Phoenix, there was a thread a week or two ago about exactly this subject...

    I don't know of any "boutique" type stores that have them. :sad:

  5. You'll be a good ways (~30 miles-ish) from Chandler Mall, and not quite so far from Scottsdale Fashion Square (only Macy's at that mall has them, not Nordstrom).

  6. thanks sister blue! i banned myself from the internet for a while but i'm back now. :smile: thanks for the tip. i'll do a search. i hope i have time to do something ... the only day i have for myself is sunday (9/10). :sad:

    it would be funny if the person asking about tokis in az was going there for the same reason i was! =D lol.
  7. I just went to chandler mall last week...

    All that Nordstroms had was famiglia and notte.

    Macys still had some lamore in ciao ciao, bella, portatelefono, and canguro. There was also some adios star, famiglia, and some spiaggia. I think there were a few pirata bags as well.. I'm trying to remember. Hm.

    Last time I went to the Macys at Scottsdale fashion square mall they had like twice the amount of toki that chandler had (a pretty bid display imo) so they might have a lot more right now. The Nordstroms in that mall does not carry toki.
  8. I live a couple streets away from the Scottsdale fashion square. If you'd like, I can check out their selection on Friday and let you know what they have.
  9. Oh! Toki, could you post what they have in this thread if you go?
  10. scottsdale has tokidoki now??
    i called them around pirata or amore & they said they dont sell tokidoki!
    boo thats ok cuz i live kinda far from scottsdale i feel uber poor when i go into scottsdale
    & the weather is muggy the humidity has really picked up lately
  11. Macy's Scottsdale carries Toki, but Nordstrom Scottsdale doesn't. Scottsdale Nordstrom sends all of their Toki shipments to the Chandler store, that's why they always have so many there.

  12. I'll definitely update this thread when I go :biggrin:
  13. They have...a bunch of Famiglia, haha.

    Buon Viaggio

    ciao ciao

    Adios Star:

    ciao ciao

    buon viaggio
    ciao ciao

    they have a couple bellas and stellinas, and a gioco in Notte too, and a couple in bianco.

    You may have more luck at the Chandler mall :sweatdrop:
  14. thanks toki!

    my gf and i only have 1 day to shop and be tourist so if it's not in the cards for us to go, then it's ok. i really appreciate all the info that everyone's been giving though! :smile:

    there are two things that are "must dos" for us - go to sprinkles bakery and this pizza place where they're supposed to have delicious pizza. =9
  15. oh, you might want to go to Macy's anyway, since Sprinkles is right across the street from the mall :smile: what's the pizza place?