Tokis in Hong Kong

  1. Hi! Does anyone know what tokis there are in HK? Thanks!;)
  2. Hong Kong has a bunch of LeSportsac stores. These are the two I been too. I know there's a new one in Langham Place in Mongkok.

    Ocean Centre LeSportsac Shop
    Shop 253, Ocean Centre, t.s.t
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    tel: 2312.7955

    Pacific Place LeSportsac Shop
    Shop 137, Two Pacific Place
    Queensway, Hong Kong
    tel: 2918.0051
  3. I think whatever they have will be gone in no time - its so popular there - people would line up for the store to open for them!
  4. Really? I found an Inferno Mamma Mia in the Central Lesportsac store in May. I see more fakes than reals when I was there. Kinda sad.
  5. lol ok.. maybe in the beginning it did... i remember i had to line up into the lesportsac store that day because they got new tokidoki stuff...

    and yes! i saw fakes everywhere too!
  6. Really? I was able to buy a foresta stellina last March over there, it had my perfect print placement! I also had a Citta Rosa BV on hold but decided not to get it due to print placement issues LOLZ...
    Just wondering what's in the stores right now cuz I'm going to be there in a few weeks and I wanna go toki shopping!:tup:
  7. I heard from my fren that the lesportsac store @ Langham Place have closed down..not too sure if its true tho'

    Maybe that explains the 30%-50% storewide discount when I went in Aug ..
  8. Oh my gosh, it's closed already!!!

    I don't know how well LeSportsac is selling in HK cuz last time when I was there, I saw prints that are from couple years back.

  9. papillon did you find out if the Langham Place was closed down while you where there?
  10. ^Sorry, no I didn't. I only went to the one in Times Square (they had only a few tokis left) and the one in Ocean Terminal. I was able to buy a lot there so I didn't bother going to the other stores anymore.
  11. Lots of fakes there! Careful, just stick to Lesportsac boutiques.
  12. In the LSS Boutique in Pacific Place had Trasporto, as well as some Pirata, Spiaggia and L'Amore. The LSS boutique in Sogo only had Trasporto. Both shops had Mamma Mias, Bellas and Caramellas; these were not released in mainland US. The DFS shops in the airport had Spiaggia, Notte, Bella and Inferno; I scored an Inferno Mamma Mia! This was at the beginning of November when I was there.
  13. The Sogo in TST?

  14. The lesportsac store at lamgham place did NOT close down. I was just there a few weeks ago.. it's just on a different level of the mall now.
  15. oic, i guess my fren gave me the wrong info *dashes off to tell her the same*