Tokilicious Day

  1. So, like so many others i have gotten quite a few things at the sh outlet. I got a little windfall (returned a few clothing items i did not need) so i decided to see if my Macys had gotten in their shipment of trasporto.

    Well they did! so i spent my money and got myself a bambione! so today i got:

    AS corriere
    inferno porta (holiday gift for DD)
    pirata bocce (2nd one in 4 days)

    bambione trasporto!

    this is in addition to the l'amore caramella i am getting from hawaii, (good job bro!) and my first pirata bocce, paradisio porta and a 2nd generation op porta.

    oh good. i have spent way too much money. but i am so happy. my corriere has wonderful placement with quite a few characters on front and back. my husband and i spent 30 minutes looking at the different trasporto bambiones. there were 6 on the floor. 3 were very similar but i had to have the couple in the swan, adios and caio caio skating, sandy balloon, segway dino kid, magic carpet ride and the cherry bicyclers.

    i also really wanted the native american couple but couldn't fit them in (hopefully they can be on the porta that i will eventually get). but i was adamant ath I did not want the bus (or a s little as possible).
    so i am very happy. it's late so I plan to add pics tomrrow.

    i am pysched! but broke and plan to not get anything else until spiaggia hits the outlets.

  2. Congrats on your new tokis! That's quite a haul, they should keep you occupied for a while =)

    Awww, I like the bus hehe ;)
  3. Congrats Kitzka! Btw, which Macy's did you go to? Surprised to hear that they still carry Inferno.
  4. congrats! lol I think my bf is worried about me cuz I keep chugging along. can't wait to see your pics!!
  5. Sounds like you were pretty busy today ;) congrats on ALL your new bags!
  6. Congratulations Kitzka! It's nice that your husband helped you pick out your new bag. After about ten minutes in the LeSportsac store when pirata first came out, my husband was more than ready to leave and didn't understand why I was being so "obsessive" about print placement. :shrugs: But he did drive me into the city so I could go to the store!! :love:
  7. Congratulations! haha the tokis are always piling up~
  8. Kitzka - can't wait to see your new acquisitions!! congrats :yahoo: