Tokidoki's website has the Lesportsac bags

  1. I was just browsing, and I saw them. I think Lesportsac sends them to tokidoki after they can't sell them anymore...

    Anyways... They have the discontinued Carmellas and Braccialettos, but only in the solid colors.
    Just to let you guys know, if you wanted them. :tup:
  2. They just put up a lot more stuff in Vacanze, Tutti, Famiglia and Transporto! They have BVs, Avventuras, and a whole lot more!! None of it is discounted, its all at the retail price.
  3. im looking to buy a TRANSPORTO bv or zucca, anyone know of any site (at all) that is carrying transporto? besides im curious to know if i can maybe find it elsewhere, where i can maybe use a discount code on. instead of paying retail on the site..

    just curious... i didnt want to open a new thread. hehe.
  4. There's the Lesportsac site, but that's retail :p Hrmm, they sometimes have codes, but I don't know of any at the moment.

    eBay??? :confused1: