Tokidokis in the rain?

  1. I've never brought one of my Tokidokis out when it's raining. I'd assume that the nylon repels the water well, but I'm just so nervous of doing anything that might damage my bags.

    How do Tokis hold up to the rain?
  2. yeah don't worry. Toki is my bang bag :smile: It repels water fine. The leather doesn't do anything either since it's treated. It's not like untreated vachetta that will spot but repels it
  3. Yeah don't worry. I was caught in a hail storm once and used my CR corriere toki as a shield (LOL!) and it is just fine.
  4. Actually, the leather WILL spot & be ruined if it gets too wet. I had one of my bags get ruined in a heavy rain storm.
  5. I had my Trasporto campeggio out during a drizzle. It came through fine.
  6. The only bad thing that ever happened with my one of my Tokis and the rain is that I was in NYC one day, carrying my zucca, and it was raining heavily and it was super windy, so my umbrella didn't really work, and my bag actually soaked through and some papers inside of it got wet!
  7. I had my Pirata Corriere at Disneyland on Friday and it went through Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean OK. I wouldn't recommend using it in a super heavy rainstorm, though, the leather will spot. The leather is the reason you can't put it in the washer. The nylon fabric on its own can get wet; you can put the baby pad from the Cucciolo in the washer.
  8. My first tokidoki was bought for being my rainy day bag. And it still looks great! So if you get caught in the rain, don't worry about it, you'll bag will be fine
  9. The leather on my CR CC actually got darker after I got stuck in a rainstorm. I think they end up changing color like the leather on LV bags.
  10. I've had my tokidoki out in the pouring rain before and it's still in great condition.
  11. I've had one of my toki's leather get a little damaged in the rain... The leather is untreated vachetta so it will spot if it gets wet... of course the nylon parts are fine though.
  12. I've used my tokis through rain and snow and they've held up fine :yes:
  13. Yeah, unfortunately the nylon fabric is "water-resistant" and not waterproof! :yucky:

    The non-Toki regular LeSportsacs are also just "water-resistant." I'm sad they couldn't figure out a way to make them a little more waterproof somehow. I could have sworn that my super old LSS cosmetic bag that I bought sometime in the late 80s/early 90s had a plasticized interior bonded to the nylon ripstop fabric, so it was great for my feminine products.

    Well, it was great up until it started giving up the ghost about 10-15 years later and the plastic-y part started peeling off! :crybaby:

    Sorry, wandered a little off-topic! Back to the subject -- I got caught in a drizzle with one of my Tokis and just brushed off as much of the droplets as I could, wiped off the leather, then aired it and it was ok.
  14. i live in florida. so far, just fine.
  15. i still get nervous with mine in the rain!
    i have to walk to school, and i know this sounds pretty dorky, but you know they big colored plastic lesportsac bags that they come in from SH?
    i wore my l'amore bv, and put the plastic over it haha!
    so basically it looked like i was wearin a huge green plastic bag on my shoulder, but i figured better safe than sorry?