Tokidokis in Oak Brook, IL

  1. Just wanted to give some info to any of you gals in the Chicago / suburban area.

    I just returned 2 Trasporto Stellinas to the Oak Brook, IL Macy's.

    I also popped into the Loehmann's in Oak Brook. They still had the Citta Scuolas and Citta Rosa Treninos that they can't seem to get rid of. And they had TONS of Biancos. They had BVs, Giocos, Stellinas, Campeggios, Bambinos, Bambinones, Portas, Ciao Ciaos. Maybe some others, but that's all I took note of.
  2. Do any of the other Loehman's up in the Chicago area have Tokis? have you ever been to them? I can't wait..only a week & a half till I get to raid Chicago!! If only Vacanze was up there..
  3. I haven't been to any other Loehmann's recently. I've stopped into the one in Orland Park a couple times, and they didn't have any at the time.

    I bet Vacanze will be here by the time you come up.
    1) I know for a fact that A.Okay Official is getting Vacanze.
    2) I have no idea about Macy's (Chicago State Street). They haven't had ANY since Spiaggia. :sad:
    3) And I don't know about Bloomingdale's (900 N. Michigan Ave). I think Ozbaby said they had Tutti & Trasporto there, so it sounds like they've continued to get Toki's.
  4. The Loehmann's in downtown chicago (newly opened on state street) has bianco's there now.
  5. Not Chicago-related, but the Loehmann's in the Balto/ DC corridor have a ton of Biancos now, in most of the different bag styles.
  6. also in dt chicago on state street, filene's basement has a paradiso trenino that's been sitting there awhile, as well as an arancia luna and maybe a bella on clearance.
  7. so many places to look & so little time...Thanks a ton for everyone's info..I'll be raiding it next Monday to find the missing pieces to my collections!!