Tokidokis at Century 21!!!


Sep 28, 2007
Well, I am in new york city and I went to century 21 today on Nov 12! They have alot, i mean ALOT OF PIRATA LUNAS!!!! At least 8 of them are there and they are around 170 something. I saw a trenino also in citta rose and it was the last one, i wish i had bought it. They also have two scuolas in citta rose for like 100 something! Alot of adios bocces are there but i doubt people are gonna buy the bocces! Gosh, I regret not getting the trenino. But oh wells, i am saving up my money at least. Also, sales are at macys and there is only about two zuccas left, a gioco that i saw today. Perhaps people bought them already. :confused1: Now, i am waiting hopefully for the notte, transporto or tutti to go on sale, i think their bound to go on sale once the vacanze comes out and alot of left overs are there.