Tokidoki Yahoo Group anyone?

  1. Just wondered if there's any interest in starting a Yahoo group to talk Tokidoki? I belong to several yahoo groups catering to bags! We buy, sell and trade on there and just talk bag stuff. I know there's a barter section on TPF, but it will take me forever to get enough posts to be able to submit an application!

    Anyone up for a Toki swap group? :yes:

  2. I am just tell me how!
  3. I'll be happy to set it up. Let me make sure there's enough interest!
  4. Sure, and if the girls join from here at least I'll know someone.
  5. I'm there, just tell me where.
  6. I am!
  7. I am too!
  8. I'll start the group and post the link when I get it done! I just tried to create it but yahoo is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.
  9. weee count me in... when yahoo gets back on track lol
  10. me too! me too! me too!:nuts:
  11. i think you might be able to make one now :smile:
  12. I am in.... when you set it up we can all email you are addresses , so you can choose to invite us in a private chat room and choose a set day and time to meet in the chat so we can chat and talk trade, sell are bags there amongst our selves
  13. :yes::woohoo::yes:
  14. Oh.... I thought it wa going to be a regular Yahoo group we could join. I don't do chats... connections too slow.... bummer....
  15. I don't know anything about the chats... I'll set up a regular group, we can add a chat for those who want to do that. The way I know to do it is I'll post the link to the group, you guys just click on it and ask to join the group, then I"ll approve it and you're in! It's really easy.