Tokidoki x HK Bag Reference Photos

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  1. these photos are taken for size reference:

    Boston Bag vs. Small Handbag

    Boston Bag vs. Avventura:

    Boston Bag vs. Buon Viaggio:

    Small Handbag vs. Mamma Mia:

    Media Case vs. Porta:

    Make-up Case vs. Porta:

    Wallet vs. Porta:
  2. thanks!!
  3. Wow I thought the media case would be bigger than or the same size as a porta. I'm surprised to see that it's smaller.
  4. yea, but if you have a digi cam it fits perfectly, and there's more space. here's another ref:
  5. cool thanks for the post! The media case really is roomy! Unfortunately thy didn't have any more of those at the Times Square Sanrio ... all they had were the cosmetics cases so I picked one up. Hmm guess I'll have to look on eBay .. argh.
  6. Could you post a pic of the cosmetic bag? I ordered one but will not get it till the end of the month.
  7. there's one up above, but here's more:
  8. umm ... too lazy to look through posts ... does anyone know how much the media case retails for?
  9. $45. $48.83 with CA San Francisco sales tax
  10. thank you!! :yes:
  11. Super cute! I would like the Boston bag but it looks like my city didn't get these!
  12. Thanks for the pics!
  13. Ahhh the small handbag is so cute!
    I'll have to get one of these~
    Thanks for the ref pics :tup:
  14. no problem girls, and yea jellybebe only 4 Sanrio stores got these bags in.
  15. I've looked at this thread 4-5 times now. . . these are really cute!