Tokidoki x Hello kitty collab purse!

  1. I think this deserves a thread... It was just posted in the Tokidoki sightings thread... Could you tell us more about this? I want it!! The original poster said its only being released in Japan in 2008.
  2. My bf made a big thumbs down sign and even gave it a raspberry sound effect. *lol*

    I'm also not a big fan... I think the cactus HK is kinda cute, but I don't like the white and gold like that and I'm not a fan of the bag style... It'd be nice if other bags were coming out, though! I wonder how much it'll cost? If they had other Japan "exclusive" bags, I could get my relatives to get them for me...

    Didn't someone say something about how the tokidoki/HK collaboration wasn't going to include bags, though? I wonder what happened...
  3. I think it's beautiful!
  4. Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the gold either, but seeing hello kitty in the cactus costume is so cute! I would really like to know more about this, hopefully they have other bags...

    Or maybe not, I'm poor from the lesportsac collaboration.
  5. Okay, I'm not feeling the bag, but now I'm wishing for a HK in a Sandy costume plush. How cute would that be :biggrin:
  6. awww that's cute!! i want one!
  7. How cute!:nuts:
  8. ew. i'm glad i am not liking that!
  9. I think it's cute.. But I love the tokidoki for lesportsac much much much more!... :yes:
  10. I want one!
  11. I love it!!! Its so beautiful!!! I absolutely adore HK and Toki!!! I will be so sad if its Japan only.
  12. say no to hello kitty :x
  13. Its cute but I can live without it.. (Thank gawd!!)

    I agree with toki~ A HK plush in a Sandy/cactus costume would be soooo cute! :nuts:
    Hmmm its possible!! Sanrio always make plushes ;) haha that would be the ONLY thing I'll buy :X But dont take my word for it hahaha.

    All I know is, I wont buy the bags if it looks like that. Its alright but.. ehh.
  14. *dies from heart attack* whuaaaaaaaa!

    sad that everyone else seems to hate it D: i LOVE this!! not only does it combine hello kitty and tokidoki, but I happen to quite like the white and gold. the only thing is i'd like a slightly different bag shape, but omg,

    i neeeeed. ;~;
  15. I think it's totally cute!! I'd also prefer it if it was a different bag shape but I think the design is cuute!! :tup: