Tokidoki x Fornarina shoes/heels - Are you getting it?

  1. I'm just the title many of you are actually going to get it. It should be released very soon, or already released.

    I think I'm not going to get any :crybaby: . I'm saving up for the upcoming prints as I plan to get at least 1 of each print except famiglia. They are okay for me but I didn't get the excitement of "I must get this" when I first saw it.

    So, I'm just wondering what you ladies think ;)
  2. I think the heels are super cute! But I'd probably kill myself if I tried to walk in them. Nor do I have a place to where them to. Congrats to whoever gets em! The heels will look super hot!

    Not so crazy about the tennis shoes.
  3. I don't wear heels, so I am not getting any of them. I am undecided about the sneakers - for $110 per pair, I want to see them in person first before deciding. I might prefer to save up for the upcoming bag prints instead too.
  4. yah, the heels are cute but totally not my style. I would never wear them, and honestly, they don't look that comfy to me, which is uber important to me when I am wearing hells... i mean, heels... :p

    and, the sneakers look cute too but I am with lamb - if they are that pricey, I would rather have a purse!!
  5. I never get any fornarina shoes/heels too so I don't know whether they are comfortable and stuff. I dont know of any fornarina store around where I live too to check it out in person :push:
  6. None for me...I'm addicted to Aldo shoes and my bf just got me some new supposed comfy sneakers??? They're nike 360's b/c all I do is complain about how bad my feet hurt when I hobble around SF in flip flops!! heehhe!!
  7. Yeah I think I am passing on the shoes . Don't wear heels and not crazy about the sneakers.
  8. Actually fornarina are one of the most comfy brands IMO. I am not going get the shoes because the style is just so blah (for the heels anyways).
  9. you are getting them or aren't getting them?? Where can we buy them anyway?? :graucho:
  10. I am not getting them. I edited my last post. Have no idea where to buy them beside fornarina store.
  11. What is the official release date? Does any one know of any retail stores that will actually carry them?
    I really want a pair of heels and sneakers but I'm afraid they won't come in 12s. I could get away with 11 in the heels but i'd really have to try them on first
  12. I don't know the first thing about where we can find these suckers except for the evil eBay!! :boxing:
  13. I use to walk to and from work in flip flops, about a mile and a half each way, and then put on dress shoes when I got to work. I was always wondering why my neck and back hurt until my boss pointed out that I was pounding my feet into the cement with pretty much no padding at all. I was like :idea: duh :shame:
  14. I'm not one for sneakers, and I wouldn't wear the heels either.

    Wish they had cute flips flops or something...latte flip flops! That would be fantastic.
  15. I'm talking with a shop owner via e-mail about where to buy the shoes in the NY/NJ area - as soon as she writes me back with the OK, I will post the info for everyone. :smile: