Tokidoki - Where to Buy in Hawaii

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  1. I am going back home to Hawaii for a few weeks next month and was wondering if all of the Hawaii TPF'ers can recommend places to feed my addiction. Or am I stuck scanning Ebay the whole time? :smile:
  2. I believe the only places that have Tokidoki bags are Lesportsac in Ala Moana, the Waikiki one, the DFS one, the airport (someone else said) and the Lesportsac outlet in Waikele.

    If you're looking for shirts you can go to Le Lotus Bleu (Ala Moana & Ward), DEMO, (Ala Moana & Pearlridge), and Chic Icon (Koko Marina).

    If you want decks, jewelry and some other stuff you can head to Urban Toyz in Kaimuki.

    Hope that helped.
  3. DFS carries tokis?! :wtf: I didnt know that! haha I havent been there in ages and the last time I went there, I bought a big Coach tote :shame:

    Hey, maybe we can have another meet! I claim Dez's back trunk :lol: kidding.
  4. LOL The trunk! ahahaha poor dana!

    I vote we have one more meetup before I go home on friday!!!! :biggrin:

    And yeah, jessaka about covered it. although split obsession carries toki shirts too, and thats in koko marina too with chic icon, although chic icon is better :biggrin:
  5. Dana, I only heard that DFS sells tokis, but I'm not sure. Never seen it with my own eyes.

    LMFAO, poor thing you had to sit in the trunk!

    That's right, Split Obsession..I never went there either lmfao.
  6. they do sell them. I wandered into a DFS on accident one time and they were asking for my passport and stuff, i was still kinda lost,. but I did see toki!
  7. jessakamitz and everyone else thanks for the info! :smile:
  8. You're very welcome :biggrin: Good luck in your search for toki :amuse:
  9. Hi there Hawaii ladies! I dug up this thread since I was thinking of looking at toki t-shirts here. :P Was wondering how our retail prices here compare with online prices. Are they inflated too like the bags? Thanks in advance!
  10. Heyy, youre back! LOL.

    Anyways, the prices are almost the same..just a few dollars difference I think. It would be about the same if you were to order online ^__^
  11. Thanks Jess! Haha... yeah, I'm still here... and oh, managed to get a spiaggia zucca in my quiet time. Hee hee :smile:. So the addiction is very much alive! Do you know if they have a good selection at pearlridge? That's the mall I'm closest to.
  12. I haven't been there too recently, maybe a week or two ago...but Demo had some shirts...not TOO many. The best places for shirts I saw was Le Lotus Bleu in Ward or Ala Moana and the Chic Icon store ^__^

    Oo:huh:Oo Spiaggia Zucca!!! :heart:
  13. Thank you!!! ;)
  14. You're very welcome ^__^ Good luck!
  15. LOL the trunk wasnt bad, you guys.. I just hope sitting there wasnt illegal or something :lol:

    You leave tmrw?! :cry: that was too fast!! Have a safe trip!! And have fun at CC!! (You're going, right?)