Tokidoki watches

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  1. I'm looking at Tokidoki watches (how obsessed am I...I haven't worn a watch for over a decade, sheesh) and if you have one, I'd love to know what you think of it. I especially like the Nero Spike Watch, does anyone have additional photos of it on the wrist and with the flap closed? It looks like it could easily look like a cuff, but I can't tell if the flap part is really obvious when closed.
  2. My friend has many toki watches!! The spike one does look like a cuff when it is closed... and the faces of the watches are really big compared to your average watch.. but they are really cute on..
    My wrist is too small for toki watches though:sad:
  3. I love the Nero watch too! But the one I want the most is the Mozzarella/Latte watch. I've already asked Santa for it... ;)

    You're in AZ, right? I swear that I was in Scottsdale Fashion Square once a few months or so ago and saw Toki watches, specifically the Mozzarella watch...but that was before I really was into Toki and knew what it was. Now I've looked in every store and don't see any. I'm wondering now if I was hallucinating...but I SWEAR I saw the watch on display in person at some point!

  4. Oooooh. I'm going to have to look today. Do you remember if you saw them in Macy's?
  5. I have an olive camo tokidoki watch - I love the way it looks, but the face is really big and heavy, and tends to swing down under my wrist rather than staying put on top. It's not that comfortable to wear. The watches are probably best for people who don't have tiny wrists.
  6. I have that one, too! I'd love to see someone wearing the spike nero watch!!! post pics if you go with that one! [​IMG]
  7. I wish I had a toki watch. My mom & bf will not let me get one since I don't use watches and they doubt I will use it, which is probably true.
  8. That's the weird thing...I don't remember where it was and now I'm starting to doubt that I ever saw them at all. :confused1:

    I keep thinking it was Dillard's (just because I'm picturing the setup of the jewelry counter in my head, kwim?) but that would be weird because Dillard's doesn't carry Toki bags at all, so why would they carry the watches?

    I think I'm losing it... :nuts:

  9. I have not seen them in retail stores, only speciality shops like JapanLA or Boarders.
  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tokidoki watches
    GREAT to have. they're:
    1.water resistant
    2.sturdy, well made
    3.ohh and SEXY SEXY SEXY!

    i have two =]

    first one if the Cerchio er however you spell it
    its the black one with the playboy tokidoki bunnies
    Any tokidoki watch with a rubber strap is EXTREMLY hard to adjust.
    trust me. and you HAVE to cut the strap in order to adjsut it =[
    but besides that, i get many stares and a lot of people come up to me and ask where i got my watch =]

    my second and most favorite is the nurse watch!
    its sooo cool! its leather and really well made =]
    looks niice too! tokidoki watches are really, THE BEST
  11. okay, I am convinced...:yes:
  12. yaaay! =]
    ohh and i got mine at comic con
    phew, i saved A LOT of money
    i snagged both for only $90 each
    and they run for like $130+ normally

    ohh and don't worry, i have small wrists too!
    i still manage and its fine

    if anyone wants to see pics, ill post them
    once i find my camera =[
  13. I want to see pics :biggrin:

    I'm still hoping someone has photos of the nero spike watch with the flap closed ^^;
  14. aww i was looking at the mozzarella one yesterday.. i kinda want it :]
  15. I'm in love with that one...but I noticed they recently took it off the site so maybe they're discontinuing it? :confused1: :crybaby: