tokidoki watches?

  1. Does anyone have any of the watches? There is the mozarella watch and the bullet one. I can't decide which one to get? Also, are there warrenties for the watches and are they waterproof (I'll be doing alot of hand washing)?
  2. I dont own any. I wanted a watch or two..but my mom & bf both said not to waste my money on that because I don't wear
  3. I thought about that at first because I have a cell phone and use that as my clock now. But since I started my new job in a long-term care facility, I've had to have my watch when I take people's vital signs and stuff.
  4. I was thinking of a watch and they just seem to get more and more expensive! I always think about my favorite silver bracelet watch that I lost at a club once, whenever i consider buying another one, get sad and change my mind....
  5. I believe that I read on the Tokidoki website that the watches are water proof. The bullet watch is so kick ass! I'd get that one if I were you!
  6. Be aware that most of them are very large. I ordered one that had a pink leather band and had cloudia on it and it was definitely a man's sized watch and it was very heavy. It was very cute but I sent it back because I thought it was too big (it spun on my avg. sized wrist) because it was so heavy and I had it on the very first hole.
  7. The mozarella watch is cute. You know the nurse one would be perfect for what you do. I love that one as well as the giesha. Although I'm not sure if I will get one myself because they are expensive.
  8. They are probabably similar in size to the Harajuku watches i saw the other day. HUGE!!!! I have such small writst (and I'm not really that small a person) that I need a watch face 1 inch or less in diameter, otherwise it looks like a clown watch....
  9. The mozzarella and latte watch is the best of them all, and big watches are PRETTy, I would get one if I didn't already have one I wear all the time, I don't see myself wearing another one and leaving this one at home.
  10. I'm not saying they are not pretty. I saw one last night that was gorgeous. But they look stupid on me. And are really uncomfortable when they stick out all over and bang into everything.

    The good thing about having a small wrists is that when I buy "good" bracelets they always cost less because they are made smaller. I have a Samoyed sled dog bracelet that has gold sammies with amethyst and sapphire stones between each dog. I was able to leave out one whole dog and a gemstone link which saved me like $200!
  11. I have small wrists too and it helps when you can save money on bracelets.
  12. I just buy cheap bracelets and take off some links at home with a pair of plyers. :p
    I actually really like thin wrists with huge watches (to a limit ofcourse), I hate the way tiny watches look on my wrist, even though it's not big.

    Your samoyed bracelet sounds cute, do you have a picture?
  13. I got small wrists so getting a big watch would look odd. :p
  14. I tried on the watch and even on the last hole it was too big for me. I expected the face to be big but it was bigger than expected. Even the SA and dh said that it was too big for me. They both thought perhaps it was a man's size watch.
  15. Hmm. . .How discouraging. I have TINY wrists, so this would be even worse. I really liked the bullet one, but since it is leather, I can't remove anything to make it smaller and punching another hole would be silly.