Tokidoki Wallets?

  1. Hey, I have a real quick question about the wallets. Are they too big that a guy couldn't use one. My husband and I just are getting into all of the Tokidoki stuff and he just bought me my first Spiagga Zucca and now he wants to rock something. He looked at backpacks but would actually never use it, so now he is looking at wallets, do you think he could get away with that? I can't seem to find any at retail to compare. Thanks
  2. I think they would be good for a guy. THey are zip around with the rainbow zipper, so I dunno if he would appreciate that part. :biggrin:
  3. I'm not sure if a typical guy would like the denaro wallet. Like Tokidoki Lover said, they have rainbow zippers and the little Tokidoki keyfob. I personally think they're a little to "girly" in appearance for most guys.
  4. They are a little big for a back pocket. Maybe he would like a messenger bag? Pirates or something (but not amore!)
  5. I don't know though. A guy that was working at Hot Topic the other day was raving over my tokidoki and when he saw the rainbow zipper on my denaro , he thought it was one of the coolest things he ever saw. :lol: So some guys are into it .
  6. Hmmmmm I like that soccor one thats pretty neat, he is eye balling a pirata wallet, he could get away with just about anything. Is that chika one available in the US?
  7. No, you can buy it from them and they will ship it to you though. The price with shipping is not that bad, won't go over $45 altogether I think.
  8. Wow really thats less then the ones he's looking at, hmmmm you may be onto something. You all have been a great help.
  9. Good luck in getting him what he wants lolz. You might want to show him that one before you buy it though. I also think those wallets, like the blue one is smaller than the denaro (can someone confirm?) & the shipping -- well to me my bag took around a week to get here.
  10. He just said he does like the Rainbow zipper LOL but does like the wallet alot, oh decisions lol
  11. lolz...decisions between a $84 wallet & a $45 hahha. IDK, I'd have a hard time deciding too...but I'm a girl, so that makes it twice as hard lolz.
  12. Ok quick question ..... again. I have never ordered from a place over seas, id that Chicki a reputable site?
  13. I have a denaro wallet the black playground print. when i took it home DF got ahold of it and took over. he uses the wallet once in a while. But when he does use it he gets lots of compliments. He took off the Qee and added the long chains to the wallet
  14. My friend's ex-bf bought an inferno denaro - I dunno if it would fit in a regular guy's jean pocket :shrugs: I guess it worked for him