tokidoki wallets at tjmaxx

  1. sorry if this has been posted but i am so excited becassue I found a tokidoki wallet at my tj maxx today for only $25.00 :yahoo: its the sandy denaro cactus print i think--with the little vampire tulip guys and cactus girl inside. It had a little bleeding from the green lining, so it was a second quality wallet-but I didnt even notice beucase it matced with the crazy and fun colors inside! Just an FYI-keep your eyes peeled!
  2. Cool..which TJ Maxx was this?
  3. which tj maxx!! Must tell!!!
  4. i live near milwaukee, WI, so if you're around there you may be in luck!

    I somtimes find that people post about certain brands coming into tj maxx's that are the same items all across the country, so these could be coming in anywhere; can't help to look
  5. Oh, ur very lucky, congrats!
  6. Lucky ducky! i never find anything at Tjmaxx...not even REGULAR Lesportsac stuff...
  7. Grats! You seemed really excited about it. Good price. ^_^
  8. WHAT I can't believe it! :wtf: Is it the TJMaxx near Southridge? I guess I should take a drive down the road and see if they have anything.
  9. aw, darn i checked the one closest to me just yesterday and only found harajuku lovers purses. :[
  10. I just checked the one near me and no such luck. Figures.
  11. i got a harajuku lovers safety net purse for half-price. it's the one i've wanted for months but couldn't find. wouldn't you know it, it found me while i was hunting for toki at tj maxx...:okay:
  12. sigh... I am SOOOO jealous of anyone who finds a wallet at tjmaxx!!!!!! I went to two of them this week and didn't find anything!! ... ah well..
  13. if it was the tjmaxx on bluemound road in brookfield, i returned it there! i bought two of them in racine of all places and decided to keep only one. i was shopping in the area and stopped in there to do the return. that would be too weird if that's where you got it!!!
  14. Oh cool.
  15. THANK YOU!

    I noticed the greenish shading on my wallet as well and could not figure out where it came from. It never occurred to me that the inside was lined!!