Tokidoki Vendors List

  1. aka, our (sometimes) dependable Tokidoki 'dealers' that feed our addiction.

    I have seen some recent posts asking about various vendors we refer to, so I thought we should make a list of the current ones we are using. Please post to add other sources and their links!!!

    Tokidoki purses only:
    Macy's B&M;
    Bloomingdales B&M
    Nordstrom B&M;
    Lesportsac B&M; LeSportsac
    Pulse B&M (MO, USA); (use 'toki15' promo for 15% off +free shipping until 3/20/07)

    Tokidoki purses, clothing, and accessories:
    Metropark B&M; Metropark
    Azalea; Azalea Online (try AF47X4 for 10% off)
    JapanLA B&M (CA, USA); Japan LA (currently online site is not up, but can order by phone)

    Tokidoki clothing and accessories:
    The Red Lemon Store B&M (CA, USA);

    Phasing out Tokidoki - very limited selection:
    Urban Outfitters B&M;
  2. Nice job!! What is B&M??
  3. brick and mortar?
  4. B&M refers to brick and mortar, ie. stores that have an actual storefront you can walk into and smell the tokidoki!!! :p

    sorry I should have specified.. .

    anyway if I said B&M it means you can find it in actual stores
  5. the link for pulse doesn't seem to working - is it the correct link?
    thanks so much!
  6. I am glad you cleared up the whole B&M thing I was :confused1: too.
  7. oooh! I was right about something! :yahoo: (how did that happen :confused1:)
  8. ooh thanks, I forgot about them!!
  9. : Street & Contemporary Lifestyle Fashion Store - BazaarAdriatic


    The Giant Peach
    (no tokidoki clips w/purchase)

    no clips with purchase from azaleasf either :\


    in store i used to buy my tokidoki items(clothes, bags) from giant robot [] Asian Pop Culture and Beyond (i got clips from my shirt here :biggrin:)

    buy tokidoki toys from kid robot

    and i know a whole buncha sites for the toys but i'm thinking that's beyond the purse forum....

    metropark gives you a 6 tokidoki pins when you buy tokidoki clothing
  10. Awesome...I love this thread!!!

    Cupcakekiss...where is the giantrobot store?? I didn't see any tokidoki clothing on their website. :confused1:
  11. cupcakekiss - thanks for the links!! I knew there were more...

  12. anyone know any codes for the necklaces?
  13. gretchen10 is 10% off at :graucho: Which one u getting??