Tokidoki Tough Decision

  1. I love purses, but I normally don't spend more than $50 on one.. until I saw these Tokidoki designs..!!! So cute!

    Now I'm stuck between citta and foresta.... help please!!
    I don't like the brown strap on the foresta, but it has more characters than the citta.. but I like the general colors of the citta bag and the black strap.
    And the airplanes with faces :smile:

    Opinions??? (citta) (foresta)
  2. hi there. i just got the citta print rosa (pink) but i really should've gotten the foresta. i was in an event with simone legno (tokidoki's designer/artist) last night and there was no time to decide!

    the SA says the citta will go with anything which is true. i got it at first then at the last minute, changed my mind to the pink since i love pink anyway. but i still love the foresta. it's so cute! i will definitely go back for a foresta.

    sorry, i'm just as torn between the prints myself!
  3. Personally, my favorite is the Citta Rosa. It sounds like you're leaning towards the Citta. I like it better than Foresta too. Although the Foresta is cute and very colorful, I would definitely choose the Citta if you can only choose one.
  4. Oooh hard decision. I like both, but I would go with the citta.
  5. i own the citta gioco bag. my bf bought it as a gift and i asked him what made him get that one for me and instead of the citta pink or foresta..he told me that citta isn't as out there and can be worn with anything.. its quite strange to hear him say that because i believe its true! unless you love green and wear green , foresta is sooo adorable..but otherwise, i think citta would be better.
  6. citta!
  7. I love the citta print and own the citta rosa stellina because I am currently in a "pink" phase. The foresta is definitely cute, but the citta will probably go more with what you have. Plus, I am not the crazy about the bright orange lining in the foresta.
  8. I love the first one.
  9. i LOVE the print on the green one! foresta
    the fish is sooo cute!
  10. Citta!!
  11. Foresta. :biggrin:
  12. Definitely citta. Looks more fun and sophisticated. The foresta reminds me of a child's backpack.
  13. Citta! The Planes & the little heli are too cute! This is my favorite of all my daughters Tokidoki bags.

  14. Actually, they both remind me of (cute) children's bags! :biggrin:
  15. I'd go with Citta!