Tokidoki sweatshirts

  1. Out of curiosity are the sweatshirts made out of fleece or french terry?
  2. I think they're all different materials :shrugs:
  3. I have the flower chief hoodie and its french terry. It does have a little give to it even though its all cotton.
  4. That's good! I like french terry it doesn't get so hot.
  5. Is the flower chief hoodie the short sleeved one? I'm terrible w/names...anyway I have the short sleeved hoodie and I :heart: it. It's not too hot but then again it is short sleeved! :shrugs:
  6. Yes, it is the short sleeve one.
  7. :supacool: !! I have that one and it's awesome! I :heart: it. I wish it were a different color but it looks great on and it's super comfortable.

    I don't think any of the hoodies are made out of fleece but I find that some hoodies are heavier than others...does that make sense? :shrugs:
  8. That would be great if most of them were made out of french terry although usually that comes in only one weight. Fleece comes in heavy and light weight.

    I'm so tempted to get a clothing item but I don't know what I want? The clothing is expensive as well which is keeping me from jumping on the bandwagon.
  9. The clothing is pretty expensive for what it is. Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it when I think about how much $$$ it was :shrugs: . I'm not buying another toki clothing item unless I'm absolutely in :heart: with it and I can't live without it. The giant peach seems to sell clothes for the best prices I've seen, have you checked there?
  10. Yes I have. I have a few items in mind. The chief hoodie which you have. I also like the pink peach hoodie which we know you hate! :yucky: He! He! :p

    I like the I :heart: LA hoodie and some of the T-shirts as well. Decisions... Decisions... :shrugs:
  11. If you order from there make sure you see if they have a coupon code first...they usually have one! I like the peach hoodie if it didn't have the peach on it b/c pink is my favorite color!! It's probably cute IRL if you like the peach!! hehehe!! The I :heart: LA one is cute too...I know it's so hard to make up your them all! :graucho: LOL...I'm kidding!!
  12. I've actually thought about it! :nuts: Like I need to spend even more $ right now. At least I'm able to still talk myself out of it. I'm still contemplating on at least getting one thing.
  13. I love the hoodies, and I wear them and im like... OH MY GOSH I spent HOW much on this?? But I take into consideration how happy it makes me!! and then I feel better.
  14. I'm not sure about hoodies, but for those of you who live near a virgin records, shirts usually go for $29, and depending on where you live- there's no tax- it's not online, you need to go to the store..they have good deals sometimes can sometimes find a TD shirt for as low as $6.