Tokidoki Summer Collection

  1. Looks great...they added gold hardware and a new can see it at it gets released this month!
  2. hm, it says "check back soon" when i click on the tokidoki stuff. could you post a direct link? maybe i'm doing something wrong...
  3. Hi. The new collection hit NYC this week. Here is a picture of one of the 3 new summer 2006 tokidoki for lesportsac patterns. This one is called "playground." There is also "olive playground camo." There is one more black camo print but I'm not sure what it is called. There are pics of some bags & the New york launch party on
    playground pattern.jpg
  4. I called le sportsac and they said the collection will be online TODAY!!!!
  5. yay! i think this line is the cutest! i have the wristlet from the first collection, but i would love another style! thanks for the heads up!
  6. A friend of mine had one of their first bags and used it as a diaper bag-very cute. Can't wait to see the new stuff
  7. Thanks for the info, Coldplaylover!! I've been checking their website at least 2 times a day for 3 weeks now! LOL!! So today, I will be checking every 30 minutes!!
  8. they're up and available for order. BTW, under accessories there is the cutest looking little wapity like bag. I think I have to have it!
  9. I ended up getting something in one of each of the 3 pattern colors: olive playground, black playground and playground(brown). The cute little carmella (?), the hugh Andiamo messenger (great gym bag) and then the in between messenger.
  10. Cute! I really want one for when I'm just running out to the market!
  11. Those are really cute... it looks like the Luna has a big chain on it though, I'd prefer a strap to carry it with when travelling.
  12. i'm excited!!!!! thank you
  13. aww so cute! i love the playground! but $49.50USD for shipping? Ouch! I will have to keep my eye open at my local stores, they say they will be carrying them, so hope so!
  14. I :heart: that wristlet! I managed to snag one, I actually got it instead of the wapity! LOL :lol:
  15. I've been waiting for them for ages!!

    Just bought the Ciao Ciao :smile: