TOKIDOKI Stock Photo Achives

  1. Hi all,
    I thought it might be helpful to post a catalog of all the Lesportsac stock photos for reference purposes. Do you think this is useful? If so, I'll try to update this regularly.

    9500 Denaro
    Not yet pictured: L'amore, Spiaggia
    9500 DENARO.JPG
  2. 9501 Caramellina
    9501 Caramellina.JPG
  3. Cute!
  4. wow...did you save all these pics as they were coming out?
  5. wow that foresta denaro looks soo cute!!
  6. Cute....all these pictures make me want to get more and more.
  7. 9502 Caramella
    Not yet pictured: L'Amore, Spiaggia
    9502 Caramella.JPG
  8. Hey i like this post! Makes me know what i'm missing.
    which is ALOT! HAHA..

    Vmasters.. that is a cute Denaro huh!!!! I dont own one yet in Foresta! =(
  9. 9503 Angioletto
    9503 Angioletto.JPG
  10. this makes me want more bianco stuff :girlsigh: I also want original prints too :push: nooo mooooneeeeey
  11. I'm waiting to see what a Mamma is. Is that what it's called? I only know MM.
  12. 9504 Cangurino
    9504 Cangurino.JPG
  13. 9505 Mamma
    9505 Mamma.JPG
  14. haha looks like MM to where are you getting these pics???