Tokidoki Stock-Bloomingdales (near chicago)

  1. Here are pics! Sorry had to use my camera phone. It's in Skokie, IL. Sorry no sales. The avventura was wayyyy to big for my personal tatstes. Wasn't there someone looking for one in the Chicago area?? I thought I read a post today.



  2. Wow, chellie24, is that your phone camera, or does that look like an Avventura in Amore?
  3. it must be my camera. i did have to check the tags. they did say BV.
  4. Chellie24 - Thanks for the pictures. Now I can't decide if I should bite the bullet and get one before they go on sale or wait. Do you know if they are going to be on sale soon? I might just get the tutti avventura because I need a travel bag and just wait for the other to go on sale. Thanks again.
  5. To be honest, I've never seen them on sale, but at the same time I Don't get to the mall too often since I'm always with my lil kiddos. Talk to Sandy there. She was a very helpful SA. Good luck!
  6. Chellie - I know how it is, I also have 2 little ones and it is hard to get around with them and I don't live that close to Skokie anymore. I used to when I was in high school. To think I would have gone nuts if they sold toki's when I went to school because the school was across the street from the mall. And during your free time you could go to the mall. but they did not have bloomies back then. Oh, well I will have to make a trip there to get the tutti. Go back to the old hood and see what's new. Do you remember if the avventura had good print placement. I think it is a big enough bag so I get most of the characters. That's all I really want. Thanks again.
  7. I believe it was big enough to have most of the characters, but I was a lil disappointed that baby sumo wasn't on either side of the bag, from what I remember. I was still very tempted, but was a lil afraid of it's large size. :smile: