Tokidoki Stellina!!!!!

  1. ROBOTKITTEN - You need to try on the stellina again!!! When you tried yours on and it hit you in the wrong spot was it full of paper?? I got one tonight and when I got it home and emptied's actually perfect!!!! I think I might be in :heart: with it!!

    I put my wallet in the front pocket, cell phone in the other front pocket and then I jammed everything else inside. You can actually fit a lot in there.:love:

    My only issue w/it is that the back zippered pocket that looks like it's made for the cell phone actually goes all the way to the bottom of the bag so it doesn't seem too practical.

    Anyone who has the stellina...what do you keep in your back zippered pocket, if anything??
  2. my friend has the stellina- I really like it! I dont remember when I borrowed it if I put anything in the back pocket. The one thing I didnt like was that it didnt open up really wide for the main pocket, but thats just a minor detail!! Im thinking about getting it in amore!
  3. I dont keep anything in the back zippered pocket of my stellina. I can't believe you bought another adios star bag!!! Are you gonna keep all of them or return something? Your the Adios Star Queen now :queen:
  4. stellina was my first tokidoki bag and i love it! normally i only put my lipgloss or nothing on the back zippered pocket. TokiliciousJenY, u keep getting one bag after another and makes me :drool:
  5. Hmmm. You know it probably did. I think I was just thinking that if I had to put a lot in it that it would look funny.
    I think the other thing was that I didn't like the print of the one I tried so I'm not sure if I gave it a fair shot. I'll try it again sometime.
    How tall are you Jen?
  6. Wait, what Stellina did you get? You didn't get another adios did you?
  7. post some pics please... :biggrin: i wanna see heehee...
  8. Tokidoki:heart: er - I know what you mean, the main opening is kind of small esp. compared to my other purses but I figured if I put the things I need immediately in the front pockets I won't have to wrestle the bag when I need something. It just seems like a good size messenger to have. I always buy these giant bags and then once i load them up it's like wearing a weight across my body and I can barely walk!!! For instance I :heart: the way the campeggio looks but it's HUGE!!

    Lattegrl - That back zippered pocket shouldn't go all the way to the bottom and then it would be great for my cell phone!! What are you doing w/your adios star ciao ciao...are you keeping it?? Are you still trying for a zucca?? I'm definitely returning about 3 adios star bags....okay, maybe 2! ha ha!

    Azumie - I am crazy!! I'm just getting all these bags to figure out which one I want when in reality I know I wanted the zucca...had I gotten the zucca I won on eBay I wouldn't have 4 other adios star bags right now and be so confused!!

    Robotkitten - I am 5'5" and yes....ANOTHER adios star bag!! I know exactly what you're saying about giving it a fair shot. I saw one that was plain, it had all adios stars on the front and no other characters, and I hated it. Then I started looking and I saw one that had an awesome back but the front was still plain...then yesterday I found one w/a front too adorable to pass up so I checked it out for real. The back of mine is just okay w/mushrooms & fish but it's so smalll that I think it would be hard to get a perfect front and back unless I were to go to the Lesportsac store itself!
    You've got to give it a test drive w/out the paper inside and make sure you have the strap adjusted for as long as it goes. I think I may like it :shrugs: !!

    vmasterz - Sorry, no camera yet...I"m working on it!!

    I'm just worried that the velcro will wear out on the 2 front pockets. Does anyone have an older stellina or campeggio and have you had any problems like that??
  9. I will check it... next time I see a cute one! I'm about 2 inches taller than you but I don't think that that will matter much. :smile:
  10. Yeah, do it!! Rip all the paper out of the bag in the store and take it for a test drive right there!! :graucho:
  11. I used to keep my cell phone in there, but like you, I found that I had to dig too much for it. So now I keep the cell phone in the front pocket. I use the back pocket for pens and sometimes makeup brushes, since it generally keeps them upright.
  12. Oooh, good idea...pens makeup're a genius!! Thanks!! :love:
  13. are you gonna keep the stellina? I totally think you should!
  14. I think I'm definitely going to keep the stellina...I might use it myself or I may give it as a Christmas gift...I'm not sure yet. I still want the Zucca though. Hopefully Pulse gets that darn zucca in tomorrow. :sweatdrop:
  15. You should definitely keep the stellina (this from the person who has two)! I keep my keys in the back pocket because I like to have easy access to them while ensuring that they don't fall out thanks to the zipper.