tokidoki spotted/sighting

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  1. Yeah, I saw this girl with a spiaggia in san jose/milpitas @ Target the other day, it had good character placement of a boy w/dreads sitting in an innertube. Funnything was, the guy she was with looked like the character.

    I thought that was cool. :P
    -that is all.
  2. that's a tpf member!! the username escapes me at the moment..but i remember someone was searching endlessly for perfect placement of the jamaican dread boy cuz it was her toki husband!
  3. mama22boys (or something like that)!! did she get a zucca w/ the Jamaican boy centered? :biggrin:
  4. Umm... was it me?! Hahahaha I have a hubby who matches my toki hubby! hahahaah
  5. Wait. What?!

    Chocobearsean!? Hahahahahah is it just a coincidence that I call my husband my chocolate bear, Sean?! Hahahahaaha
  6. :lol: sounds like something w/ the coinkidinks
  7. LOL hoooow funny!!! :lol::lol:
  8. I wish my husband looked like the mohawk guitar kid. (or Orlando Bloom)
  9. oh man. i dont know WHAT i'd do if my boyfriend looked like orlando bloom. probably DIE. and come back to life because some other girl will steal him if i die.
  10. man kinda off topic but...i don't care for orlando bloom much, but at the pirates premiere this year he looked sooo good! n i'm pissed cuz i didn't get a pix with him this year...i got a pix with him last year but he was all greasy looking -.-
  11. ... okay, so my hubs joined TPF! Hahahahah

    Babe, yous a fool!

    with that said.

    I liked Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings then stopped and because of his role in the most recent Pirates movie... ooooohhhhhwee! Hahahahaha he's hot.

    so is my hub... even though he thinks he's slick enough to fool me!
  12. lol... that's cute... I was talking to my bf about it... it sounded like u called him sean but I wasn't sure :lol:
  13. :love: His name is Sean. I call him my chocolate bear :smile:
  14. Jumping on the husband bandwagon, I would want mine to look like Johnny Depp. As a pirate. *sigh*

    The worst part is, Johnny is only 3 MONTHS younger than my dad. Crap.
  15. lol MamaxJam .. I was reading this thread and I was coming to the conclusion that your husband joined the forum and then turns out he did. lol too cuute! and he talked about character placement!!! haha :biggrin: