Tokidoki spotted in Los angeles

  1. I was over in Korean town and stopped by Pinkberry to get some dessert, while eating, I spotted some tokidoki toys next store. They have the Dalek 8", new adios/ciao, a lot of qee and blindbox toys.

    check it out if you are in that area
  2. Thank you for the info kokebon!
  3. did they happen to have any sahara qees?
  4. no...u havent given up huh? haha...i am telling u ....the only place that has it now is poweranime.
  5. lol... I have a person that will sell it to me for $100 (cheaper than poweranime) but I negotiated a possible trade for an SDCC exclusive :yes: and I'm going to be checking out the smaller booths to see if anyone has any! At AX there was a booth that had two horvath 8" qees for under retail! I was so tempted to get them but I didn't love the designs enough

  6. poweranime has it for 99. lolz. so you dont want the one that glows in the dark huh. haha...
  7. yeah but w/ tax and all that it ends up being $106 or something :shrugs:

    I'm actually getting a GID one... that and red... and then I'm preordering the white :lol: I need the yellow for a complete set
  8. .
  9. thanks for the info, will check it out.