tokidoki @ south coast plaza or fashion island?

  1. Just what the title asks.... So I got my mom into tokidoki!! & now she thinks she would like a Zucca & seems to like just about any of the prints. we are going to go on a shopping expedition this Saturday & I was wondering if anyone had been to either SCP or FI lately & had seen any tokidoki? especially a zucca (/wink)? With Mother's Day coming up I might just buy it for her.thanks!
  2. I went during the sales... south coast Macy's had tons BUT someone bought tons (we went on a friday night and I bought a black ciao ciao then we went back on sunday and could find barely anything) I scavange there for sales :sweatdrop: I might see if I can go there today and check it out and I'll let you know. I'm pretty much done with my bargain shopping. Last time I went there they didn't have any pirata left, barely any adios and no amore (but that could have changed) They pretty much had all solid bags at macy's. Nordstroms had the amore (I put a mamma mia on hold but ended up getting a ciao ciao somewhere else) and some other things :smile: Nothing on sale though :sad:

    Fashion Island had stuff at both places but that was during the sales :smile: I haven't checked it recently but they get their tokidoki in
  3. thanks tehlilone, I'd appreciate it! We'll probably only be able to get by one of those places, because when we go shopping we make a whole day of it :smile: so I'd hate to go to the wrong one for nothing.
  4. I went to Fashion Island on Saturday and did not find any Amore bags. Macy's still had quite a few Pirata and Adios bags, but all at full price. Bloomingdale's at Fashion Island does not carry Tokidoki in their handbags department.
  5. I went to both places today! South Coast just got the amore at the Macys today I think (the SA was putting them out still) but no Zuccas! They also had a couple Pirata and Adios. Nordstroms has an inferno ciao ciao and denaro (full price), some pirata, and the amore.

    Fashion Island only has pirata and adios in their Macy's

    Hope that helps and happy shopping!