Tokidoki skins for your iPod!

  1. They don't have them for the Nano...WAHHHH! :hysteric:
  2. i was just about the say the same thing. they're adorable, but they're not for what i've got! :yucky:
  3. aww I don't like any of the mini ones. :sad:

    I did buy some 'printable wraps' from Memorex at Target last week, and now I'm thinking I may have to print out a Tokidoki one! :biggrin:
  4. that's too cute!!
  5. They are so cute.
  6. They are really cute, too bad they don't have nano ones.
  7. How cute! Too bad I already have another case for my ipod.
  8. I'm thinking about getting one, I just wonder if it will still fit in the holster for it in my car
  9. Thanks for the 411 I am going to buy one for my Ipod Video and one for my son's shuffle!!!
  10. Cute, I bet my son would love those!
  11. ^ ahhhhh i just loss my nano at the gym jkhasdfjhajksdfhjkashdf!!
  12. WOW finally!! thanks fr posting =)