Tokidoki Skate Decks...

  1. anybody own one? can you skate? or is it for decoration? my sister wants one for decoration but its like $90 bucks and she doesnt know if its worth it or not~

    opinions please!
  2. I say if she's gonna spend 90 bucks on a skate deck, she might as well spring an extra 30 for trucks and wheels and at least give skating a try. Even if she doesn't like skating, she can always take the wheels off and hang the deck on her wall. I'm almost willing to bet that she'll have fun skating even if she isn't very good at it:tup:
  3. I used to have 2 skate decks hanging in my apt for decoration. (one on each side of the bookcase where my tokis were proudly displayed) I thought they looked really cute, like a tall picture.
  4. You could skate on it, but the bottoms tend to get pretty thrashed so I wouldn't use the Tokidoki ones for actual skateboarding. Plus, even if you were trying to be careful, a ding is very obvious and hard to fix when the paint is detailed.

    Your sis would be better off getting a complete skateboard set (check, they have complete decks every so often for around $50 shipped) if she actually wants to skate around.
  5. A beginning skater will definitely not be able to scratch up the bottom of a skate deck. She'll take weeks just to learn how to ollie and that'll just scratch up the very top, shouldn't mess up the picture at all. Kick flips and grinding won't be in the works for months and months, and I'd guess that by then she'd want/need a newer board. I wouldn't want to hang it up just cause I'd want to skate on it though. I think it would be fun to be able to show the toki art off in a functional way and I like the way that stuff looks once it's kinda worn in. That's just me tho.:upsidedown:
  6. I'm a beginning skater too, and I am quite careful with my board (I use it to commute between my apartment and Trader Joe's mostly) but one of my friends wanted to try an ollie, failed miserably, skateboard went flying, connected with curb, and now there is a lovely scrape down the middle of the underside. So I guess I should have said "beware boneheaded male friends showing off!" :push:
  7. Yikes!! I totally understand, I've busted both ankles and an elbow! Is he a beginner too? If he is, tell him to put the back wheels in a crack in the sidewalk to start getting the hang of ollies. It really helps cuz teh board stays much more still than if it's not in a crack.:tup:

    oops...sorry to get so off track...tokidoki tokidoki tokidoki
  8. she doesnt skate LOL. she only wants one for decoration >_>;


    oy :sad: i wouldnt recommend a 90 buck skate deck with no trucks and wheels for 90 bucks to a skater beginner either... too beautiful to mess up!

    yea... but my sister wants the sushi bar skatedeck on she says its too cute to resist xD
  9. ok...yeah...that deck it totally pimp:heart:. I'd hang it on my wall. guess i haven't checked those out in a while. i really like that one.
  10. too late xD she made me buy it for her lol~

    its cute so i guess its ok :p
  11. Ooh ooh, which one did you get?

  12. it's super cute...that's so nice for you to buy it for her.
  13. this one

  14. yeah...that's the one i was looking at...super cute, I love how sandy is thinking...
  15. OH WOW! That one is really cute! That one and the Lattes one are my favorites. :love::love: