Tokidoki similar to animal crossing?

  1. Maybe I'm getting off the beaten path but I've played this game Animal Crossing on the gamecube and DS and the characters keep reminding me of Tokidoki. Or is it just me?
  2. it kinda looks like it lol ..especially their eyes :smile: they look cute! how is that game anyways?? i have a ds lite and idk what games are good out there...
  3. Both games are great! Although I liked the 1st one better on the gamecube. I have bad eyes so I can only play the DS so long before they go buggy on me . :blink: I recommend picking it up if you like simulation games. You get to upgrade your house, buy and trade furniture with your neighbors, fish, collect fossils, shop at the store (my favorite) and many other things as well. I was so addicted to the 1st one. I can't wait til they finally come out with it for the Wii.
  4. Don't forget to mention you can also DESIGN your own textiles! Believe it or not, I've drawn tokidoki characters on mine and the little characters in my town are now wearing them! ha! And it doesn't cost me hundreds of dollars! (But it still does because I'm buying the stuff too!) The game is a lot of fun and easy to play. My 8 year old boy plays it with his friends too. I play it a little when my baby takes naps or my overworked husband has fallen asleep! (lots of overtime to pay for my toki habit. just kidding!)

    Maybe Simone got his ideas from Animal Crossing because that game has been out for years now and is mega popular! I can't wait for the wii version to come out either!
  5. You are awesome Annie! :yahoo: We could be sisters! That is so cute that you made Tokidoki clothes for the characters in the game! I haven't played it in awhile. Which version are you playing? There is so much stuff that you can do in that game. When it comes out for the Wii we will have to visit each others towns? Ha! Ha! :p
  6. What a great idea! My son and I haven't figured out how to do the wifi on the DS for the game yet. My husband has been too busy to show us how to do it! Actually, do you have a DS version of it? That's the one I've been playing with my son. That's what I got for Christmas. I figured if I got one my son might include me in his nintendo world!

    If you have a DS version of it, then we could try that out sooner than waiting for the wii game! I haven't seen it on their release yet have you?:love:
  7. No I just heard talk that they will be making a Wii version. No date set yet.

    I haven't tried the wi-fi yet. I don't have wireless internet in my house and I haven't tried it in a public place. I think there is something I can buy to convert it to wireless but I'm not sure how to go about setting it up? I know that you have to be personally invited by the person to visit your town on the DS. I think you need a password.

    That is great that you get involved and play with your son! :smile:
  8. Yeah, well I thought so too except we were sharing the same game cartridge which meant we had to live in the same house together! He was making a mess just like our real house and I decided to buy him his own cartridge to play his own game with his own house! That's worked for a couple of months but now he says he wants to move back to my town and I don't have the heart to tell him "no" I want my own town & space! ha! This is what happens when you're the only girl in the house:hysteric:
  9. that sounds like such a cute game!! I will have to get it on the wii when it comes out!!!
  10. You have me rolling here! :roflmfao: How funny is that! So does he have cockroaches running around his place then? He! He! :lol:

    Speaking of which they are probably running around in my house since I haven't played with my DS for quite sometime now! :wtf: I need to go fumigate! Ha! Ha!

    Do you have the new DS lite by any chance? I've been curious about that upgraded one. I have a teal one so I don't know if I could part with it.
  11. I don't really think of Tokidoki when I play Animal Crossing.

    I have the DS version as well as the version for the Gamecube (Which my brothers and I stopped playing a while ago...). I actually just stopped playing the DS version about two weeks ago :x. It all kind of went down hill for me when Buck left my town ; ;. The Gamecube one had more holidays so that one in a sense was more fun.

    Blackwidow, I have a DS lite. But I never had a regular DS, so I can't really tell you the differences between the two. All I know for certain is the DS lite is a tad lighter, but if your DS works fine, I say keep it ^_^. :yes: The DS lite sucked cause when I bought it they only had white... but now they have a few colors not much variety. :yucky:
  12. Sads pup, thanks for the advice I guess I will keep my DS then.
  13. I am also an Animal Crossing addict. I play on my ds lite. The Tokidoki prints do remind me of AC, in a way. I've tried to make the "designer" pattern on AC that looks like LV (brown) but I don't have the patience to design
  14. have you guys ever played katamari damacy? its not anything like tokidoki but its anime and it ROCKS!!
  15. My son and I have DS lites, mine is PINK ! ! And, today I ordered the tokidoki media case (inferno print) to carry it! I am reliving my childhood with my kids ! That's why we have kids isn't it? : ) I haven't played katamari damacy. What system is it played on?

    My son's house has cockroaches but not mine! He only wants to move back in because I pay on my mortgage and he doesn't! teehee!