[Tokidoki Sighting] Tons of bags at LAX!

  1. yes so i was at LAX a few hours ago to say baibai to my mom who is now on her flight to vietnam *bb mommy, have a safe trip!* and there is a huge store there that sells Fendi, Gucci, LeSportsac, you name it.

    the lesportsac thing had TONS of Spiaggia bags in Gioco, Mamma Mia, Nuvola, Bambinone, Corriere, Ciao, Bella, and Canguro! They were at full price but NO TAX (i think)

    i also saw like 4 Paradiso Bellas there, 1 Adios Star Bella, 1 Canguro in Inferno, and quite a few other bags in Fumo, Blanco, and Notte!

    so if any of you girls are flying out of the country from LAX make sure to check it out ^__^
  2. so, you cant really go into the store unless you are leaving for another country right?
  3. Well, xkaokaox saw them and she didn't leave on the flight so it's probably in an area that you can get into even without a boarding pass.
  4. yup.... its in the area where people can buy tickets and snacks and stuff... its not past the boarding gates because only passengers and employees can go past there
  5. When I went to LAX last month, there were still tons of L'amore. It's the DFS store in the international terminal. I think you need a plane ticket to get it for tax free or to buy there. It's one or the other. Not 100% sure.
  6. I never know how those duty free stores work. You have to be leaving the country or something to make a purchase there I believe :confused1:
  7. DFS would be cool since toki's are already expensive.
  8. oooh i should stop by there since i'll be in LA 8D
  9. i dont suggest u stop by the airport for fun looking for bags LOL. the parking is CRAZY and people there drive like loonies.

    im just sayin if ur heading out of the country or coming to LA to stop by xD
  10. aww mamma mia! i really want that style =[