Tokidoki Sidekick Theme

  1. I just figured out how to put themes on my sidekick 3 and saw a couple tokidoki ones. I was wondering if anyone knew where to find them or has any to share :smile: They are so cute!
  2. I know if you google it, a bunch of site will come up where people already designed toki themes for you to download!
  3. I did! But I couldn't find any that worked, what exactly did you type in?
  4. I did this a while back, but instead of the word sidekick, it put sk3
  5. Oh okay that'll probably solve my prob, thank you!
  6. i have one!

  7. ^Its so cute! Do you still have the file?
  8. :nuts: that is so cute!!
  9. adorable!!!!!!!!!! Great, now i need an ipod to get an iskin, and a sidekick to put a td theme on. thanks, guys. :p
  10. haha I know what you mean. I'm justifying the ipod tho because I want a recorder for class ;)
  11. Tehlilone: I just downloaded a sidekick skin that looks like your avatar :nuts:
  12. awesome! I think simone should've had the girl in my avatar around more often. I've only seen her on the poster :p which costs too much for me right now when i have other things I want :lol:
  13. [​IMG]

    Heres a pic :smile: I love these themes!
  14. oooh! yay!
  15. what site did you use?