Tokidoki Shopping: Chicago

  1. Any good places for Thanks!
  2. The only places I've seen with bags are:

    Macy's State Street
    Bloomingdales at 900 N Michigan
    Loehmann's in OakBrook
    A.Okay Official at 3270 N Clark (they also have Toki toys)

    Someone else has mentioned that Bloomingdales at Old Orchard and a few other Loehmann's have them too.

    I've called around, and to the best of my knowledge, no Nordstroms in the Chicago area carry them, nor do any other Macy's except the one at State Street... unless they get returns from website orders.
  3. That is very sad:sad:
  4. The Macy's in the Water Tower Place has some! Not much though...
  5. The Urban Outfitters has Mozzarella, Filene's Basement has some arancia, and the Macy's in the Water Tower has 2 pirata.
  6. a.okay official on clark has 1 baby bag, 2 campeggio, 2 ciao's, 1 ciao ciao, a nuvola, 2 bambinone, a bambino, 1 zucca and 1 gioco, 1 luna and 1 trenino in famigila i was there today before i left to come back home.
    ( i think that is all of them, if anyone wants to call you can on Monday as the girl that does their ordering will be in.)

    as for other prints they had notte and fumo, and bianco, as well as some spiaggia, l'amore, adios star and pirata. no sales. didn't check to see what they had in those prints either, I was focused on the famigilia but the two bags I wanted didn't have my placement!
  7. to anyone still looking for spiaggia in chicago, state street macy's finally got some in! i guess adios star bags are on sale too.
  8. OMG, it's about dang time!!!!!!!!!

    Do you recall which Spiaggia styles they had?
  9. oops, i'm sorry! i didn't go back to this thread and see your question, queenlouis.

    you probably know by now, but i believe thye had ciao, ciao ciao, stellina, bv, canguro and maybe scuola. i wasn't there myself to see. did you happen to stop by and get anything? oh, they also got in the bianco.