tokidoki shoes???

  1. does anyone know of a website where you can buy them??im dyin for a pair!!
  2. yup, and sometimes they're on their eBay store too.
    also, this seller has the pink/grey ones for cheaper.
  3. which shoes are u looking for? the heels or the sneakers?
  4. Are the heels even sold anywhere?
    Should I get the sneakers? :wtf:
  5. sneakers mos def!
  6. heels?? does anyone have a picture? i've never heard of these
  7. i second that, tokidoki heels o_o!?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. From what I was told before, the heels were only sold in Italy, something about the collaboration with Fornarina
  10. Someone on LJ found them in Canada, apparently.
    Also, the sneakers are by Fornarina, too. :yes:
  11. i heard teh fornarina store in LA is supposed to have the heels... also there's still shoes at bloomies available... what size r u looking for? I know ours is out of size 7 (aka 6.5)
  12. The heels are also sold in Toronto, Ontario, Canada here...

    they look REALLY nice and REALLY comfy!!! but they're really expensive! =S
  13. Those are amazing.