tokidoki shoes & sandals

  1. Did anyone get them? I REALLY want both sandals and shoes but they're not selling them here yet (I think).
  2. What sandals? Like flip flops? :confused1:
  3. umm no? heels?

  4. hey if its flip flops im there!!!! i think she meant heels?? cool it comes with a free anklet!!
  5. Oh duh! I'm wacked :drinkup: . When I saw the word sandals I immediately thought of flops. Sorry. Where can we even buy these shoes?? :shrugs:
  6. They have a list on the fornarina website -- none of those stores carry them here yet and I don't want to buy something that might not fit.

    Sandals are heels? Hahah...or that's how I've been using the two words..interchangably.

    Not flip flops...those are SLIPPERS eh? LOL.
  7. You know I've heard flip flops called slippers before. In fact it was in the movie "blue crush". (Please don't laugh)!

    Is that what they call them in Hawaii?
  8. Yes, that is what they're called in Hawaii. If someone here calls slippers "flip flops" they'll kind of get laughed at, but it's OK, everyone calls things different names. & Blue Crush was filmed here so yeahhh hahahhaa...that and Beyond the Break (The-N) and LOST...haha, but yeahhh. lol.

    I think it's kind of how you (some of you) might say POP, we say SODA?
  9. I ordered the black and white fornarina ten shoes... although I won't get them for another week or something I think :shrugs: the seller kind of worried me but then again I lose track of time when buying/waiting for tokidoki... I bought them on the 3rd and freaked out when I didn't hear from the store until the 5th. They told me my shoes were mailed last thursday but the customer service rep didn't see a tracking # so she'd get back to me if anything changed. She said it should get here in about a week (they're shipping from new jersey I believe). But yeah I'm anxiously waiting my pairs!

    oh yeah and we call them flip flops (dunno why) and I know some of my teachers before called them thongs (freaked another teacher's son out when he had her funny stuff)
  10. A teacher called slippers (flip-flops) thongs?!?!?!?! WTF.

    My mom & bf are against me buying the "sandals-heels) because your foot will cover the girl lol. I barely use idk O__o
  11. thongs were originally the name for "flip flops"..... and then thongs as underwear became popular.... and that's where the underwear got its name...
  12. haha yeah... thongs were popular when that teacher was younger... that was until thongs=underwear... I know my mom used to know flip flops as thongs and she also calls anything other than shoes slippers really
  13. never heard the thong thing...they are slippers to me. that is all.

    sandals have heels or are just nice. eh so confusing, nvm.
  14. yeah in hawaii its slippahs= flip flops or thongs

    I have known them as all three, but you say sandals or flip flops in HI and they look at you like :shocked:

  15. HAHA. We alaskans call all open toed flip-flops/thongs/anything sandals. We say soda also. I've only once heard someone say soda pop. My best friend's southern boyfriend used to say pop, but we converted him. People also laugh at me for saying "gas-up" instead of "get some gas".