Tokidoki Shirts

  1. I finally got my first tokidoki t-shirt after seeing it irl! :heart: I got the Sukai Blue Sandy one and I loooove it. I didn't know the image on it was soooo huge! The only thing is that it's kind of long, but that's ok :yes: I saw all of the newer shirts but didn't see a single old one like mozzarella, latte, etc. And I missed the bazaaradriatic sale :crybaby: Do any of you girls know where I can get them without having to goto evil eBay? Discount coupons are a plus of course :graucho:
  2. Hey,

    They have a huge selection at Yellow Rat Bastard. Not sure if you have chains over there but they do in NYC =)
  3. I heard someone went there recently tho and found nothing except one dirty tokidoki shirt that had fallen on the floor a number of times? that was in another post (about visiting new york) tho so :shrugs:
  4. krziekatie: I looked at their website and they've only got the Sandy I wanted but it's a M :crybaby:I'm soooo tiny! And it seems to be only in NY. Thanks though!

    tehlilone: Eww I hate when I see tokidoki things get dirty or messed up. Last time I was at Nordstrom browsing through the toki bags... there were these lil kids just flinging the brand new spiaggia bags around on the floor and the SA looking just smiled and didn't care except picked up after them :wtf:

    tachikomatic: Planetfunk and Karmaloop didn't have any of the shirts I wanted... but Tobi has everything except for the latte wow! They've got a great selection of shirts and jewelry! Thanks so much for the suggestions! :tup: