Tokidoki shirts run small

  1. I just received my two junior sized Toki shirts and I'm pretty disappointed. They both just fit and they look supertight. So I don't plan on keeping them. Not to mention I don't like emodas return policy. It was shipped free to me and now I'm going to get charged 9.99 because I'm returning the items plus I got to pay shipping again to return it. :cursing:

    I purchased the mens adios and ciao ciao in large and that even ran small but at least that one fits well.
  2. awww, i'm sorry to hear that. They do run kinda small, that's why I got XL in girls size.
  3. I got it in an XL but it looks tight around my pooh bear tummy and because the fabric is a little sheer you see my belly button. Not a good look! :sad:
  4. I think they shrink too... I always buy one size up.
  5. aww blackwidow, you ever consider just losing a couple pounds? ..that made a difference for me in fitting into my toki shirts :biggrin: i lost a lil weight just to fit them :push: oh, the things we do for tokidoki.
  6. Yeah, that's Pulse's return policy too. Free ship but if you return you gotta pay their shipping and your own to ship it back! That was why I decided not to buy one bag of theirs that I was unsure about...the adios giocco...since I haven't seen that style bag IRL and everyone complains I didn't want to take a chance and be out $15 for nothing!
  7. Ha! Ha! Yeah I told myself I wanted to lose about 10-20 pounds by summer. So I started to work out a couple times but as usual I lost interest. I'm so lazy! The only thing I need to lose is my tummy otherwise the rest of me is slim.

    Eh, I'm just going to return them and stick to the mens tees from now on.
  8. yeah, I've only lost 5 of my 20 pd goal and I was so bummed the other day about wanting to lose weight my dh said, "ok then, I'll just hold onto your amore bag until you lose that 20 lbs!" :wtf: (That was the promise I made to but he never said anything when the bag came and I started carrying it...and now its like NO WAY!!!!:drool: You're not taking away my new favorite print!:cursing:
  9. Lol! You must not have been in your right mind when you said that! :shocked:

    Gosh if I said that I wouldn't probably ever see my bag again.
  10. blackwidow - i understand what you're saying. i do that as well...i gotta get back into the exercising, even if it's not for toki lol. i'm a major lazy arse too, trust me.

    annie b - 5 of 20 lbs is not bad...i'v only lost 7 of my 40 lbs goal lmfao. i need to lose half, 20, then my bf is supposed to buy me something toki..i told him the shoes! hahaha.
  11. Well...I really need to lose 30 or 40 too! I set 20 just so I'd feel like it was maybe possible! But for lent I gave up chocolate (I think that's why I'd lost 5 lbs) but since Easter I've eaten like 2 pds of chocolate in the past week!!! ugh! I wasn't in my right mind when I made that promise...I was trying to show him how much I wanted that purse! When he didn't bring it up and let me carry it around this weekend I thought, well, good I'll just keep trying to lose the weight on my own...and then when he said that last night I was like :wtf: you're not getting your paws on my amore!
  12. Lucky for me...I am not a chocolate lover haha. I will eat it once in a while, but idk I just don't really like it haha.

    For me, giving up RICE was a big thing. I sometimes eat it now, but not as much as before and not alot like before.
  13. I have the opposite problem. Fits fine around the middle but too tight across the top. You can clearly see all of my "business".
  14. I have a huge sweet tooth. I got this huge chocolate easter bunny because he was only $5 which was a good deal. Of course it doesn't help my waistline. I eat too many carbs and my job doesn't help I sit all day so I've gain a few pounds over the years.
  15. yeah that's me too..AND I have small shoulders which adds to the problem...sleeves become huge to fit my bust!