tokidoki shirt sizing

  1. If anyone has a photo of them wearing an XL t shirt (girls size) and wouldn't mind posting it that'd be great. I can wear the XL hoodie (girls) and it's not tight nor overly large...I really want the ribcage t shirt but am afraid it'll be too small in an XL my shirt size ranges from anywhere to l-2x in jrs/women's to O to 2 in torrid, if you're familar with them. I have a large chest but a short waist but I hate when shirts are super short or tight...I just don't want to tie up 40ish dollars in something I have to return if I could avoid it!

    Thank you in advance fine ladies!
  2. i recently bought the moofia shirt and i got a xl its not huge actually it was a little thight on me i have a big chest too but i mean its not horribly thight... i am definetly still going to wear it because i didnt spend 40 dollars for nothing haha... and if it was too thight i would have probably sold it or sent it back because i absolutely hate when u see those ppl walking around with incredibly thight shirts lol.. i have no pics in it i dnt knw if that helped at all but there u go
  3. hmm...i see what you mean, but still it really doesn't help totally other than big boobs mean tighter fit.

  4. I'm size 8 with medium sized chest and size L girls fits very fitted on me (no extra room basicaly, but not tight though). I layed the size L over XL in the store and it looks like XL has an extra inch width and length. My shirt did shrink about an inch width after washing and drying. I don't think the shirt will be too short, I'm 5'6" and often have problems with too-short shirts, no problem with toki shirts.
  5. This is my opinion of how tokidoki t-shirt sizing runs:

    XS = size 0
    S = size 2
    M = size 4
    L = size 6
    XL = size 8

    For reference I wear a 4 in all other tops except tokidoki, and in tokidoki tees I wear a Large (Medium fits, but it's too tight for my taste, especially around the armpits).
  6. I think that some of the t-shirts are made of different materials though. I know Robotkitten has big girly globes and so the regular t-shirts are a bit tight on her but she has the ribcage t-shirt b/c it's more stretchy material and it fits her great. I actually saw it on her and it's cute!

    Is that the one you want, the ribcage one w/the dude brushing his teeth on the back?
  7. so you girls arent the only ones that think Tokidoki sizing is weird/off? I usually wear size M tops there's still plenty of room, but tokidoki is weird, i get either a L (little tight around the bust) or XL (gets rid of the tightness around the top but then around the tummy its not as fitting as i'd like) *shrugs* iono xD
  8. I'm usually a size 8 or Sm/Med in women's clothes and a L or XL in juniors, and the XL ribcage tee fits me fine, although it definitely could be worn by someone a bit larger. It's actually cut a little bit looser than my other toki tees, and it's a slightly heavier, stretchier material, so I think you would be OK. Even if it was pretty snug, it wouldn't be very revealing like some of the other, lighter shirts. It's also quite long, so length shouldn't be a problem.

    If you like the ribcage design you could also get the men's ribcage hoody. I have a small and it's really cute.
  9. If i wear a XL in tokidoki shirts should i get an XL jacket too (for women) or go down a size because jackets are relatively larger o.o?
  10. thank you all so much. i must lose a bunch of weight it seems before a t shirt is going to fit...i'm not anywhere near an 8.

    Oh well. at least the hoodies fit.
  11. Speaking of Toki-sizing, I'm in :heart:!!

    but I've read (on Tokiblog) that the sizing on these is weird, especially around the arms, as in super tiny and tight. Plus, the price is crazy high! I wish I didn't find it so completely irresistible!! Damn Tokidoki. Why is everything they make so cute!!:drool:

    JenY - Have you seen these??? ... ehhh, you probably already own two of them, right?:p

    socprof81 - If this helps, I'm usually a small, but sometimes a medium. The Toki t-shirts I've bought are mediums and they fit pretty much the way most of my small tees fit. Of course, I haven't actually worn or washed them yet, so maybe after I wash them they'll shrink 2 sizes!! :confused1: Hope not!!
  12. nope they dont shrink the wash :smile:
  13. I think it must really vary, i'm a 14 and have 3 of the shirts in an xl, and they fit perfectly.

    I know how you feel though, I took a super risk buying them since I had no clue if they would fit, but they did:yahoo:

  14. Ha Ha!! I answered myself! I just saw your hoodie on flickr!! Yummy!! :drool::drool::drool: