Tokidoki sample sale NYC Jan 22-25th

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  1. Hello - I hope this has not been posted before...

    January 22nd - 25th
    Thursday 12noon -7pm • Friday 8am - 7pm
    Saturday 10am - 7pm • Sunday 10am - 7pm

    <BIG>Metropolitan Pavilion</BIG>
    123 West 18th Street
    (6-7 Avenues) 4th Floor
    212.736.6262 Ext 2007
    The first-ever tokidoki sample sale! Come experience the cute and playful yet sexy and sophisticated world that is tokidoki! 60% to 80% off current and past collections. Over 10,000 treasures from the tokidoki accessory collection. Handbags, totes, backpacks, messenger bags, belt bags. Also t-shirts (womens and mens), hats, jewelry and much more. Cash, Mastercard, Visa & American Express accepted. All sales final. No exchanges or refunds.
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Any reports from the tokidoki sale?
  4. The line is very LONG now! And I saw ppl lined up at 9am in this windy winter time, my gosh!
    Not sure how many % off for the bag, the celebrazione carezza hobo shoulder bag I want was from $158 down to $78 I think. The bag price range is from $58-98. Many styles: purse, backpack, messenger bag, belt bag etc.
    They got women tee is $20, men for $25. Hat, jewelry, etc is about $20-25.
  5. any other updates? i heard it was only the 2008 collection and nothing from 2006 - 2007?
  6. Does anyone know if the line is long today? thanks.
  7. No line in the morning 9am, no line during lunch around 1:30pm, not sure about now. But my friend is going to the sample sale. I can let u know in a bit.
  8. Wow thanks for the racked site. It's great to see pictures of the actual sale
  9. How's the price on last day? Any report?
  10. omg, i have never seen so many tokidokis in one place :huh:

    kinda makes me dizzy haha!
  11. yup, anyone have a report from today? i'm thinking about going tomorrow. i kinda want the backpack, but i don't feel like spending $85 for it =(.
  12. Just got back from the sale, no line. The backpacks (abbraccio) + Creativa Messenger are $60.00, Bacio Mini $35.00, Carezza Handbag $50.00. The artist collection book bag is $20.00. The necklaces varies from $15-$20. Woman hats $15, men's $20. There was additional markdown for other items as well but I didn't pay much attention. This was around 2ish but there may be additional markdown later in the day since it will close at 7PM
  13. i just went too - i got the bookbag for $60. i was there on the first day and couldn't imagine myself paying $95 for it and decided to take a chance and wait till today. they had so many left!
  14. wow .. i can't believe that ... the Carezza handbag dropped to $50. i did not have a chance to go to Manhattan today, too bad.