tokidoki Sample Sale NYC Jan 22-25 2009

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  1. OMG! So excited!

    Check out the details below:

    January 22-25
    Th 12noon -7 F 8-7 Sat & Sun 8-7
    Metropolitan Pavilion
    123 West 18th Street
    (6-7 Avenues) 4 Floor
    Wholesale prices & Below Wholesale Prices
    Sample & stock sale.The first-ever tokidoki sample sale! Over 10,000 treasures from the tokidoki bag collection. Handbags, totes, backpacks, messenger bags, belt bags and more. Come experience the cute and playful yet sexy and sophisticated world that is tokidoki! 60% to 80% Off Current and Past Collections. All sales final. No exchanges or refunds.:yahoo::woohoo:
  2. Wow! I wish I lived in NYC to check out this sale. :P
  3. I can't believe this is real.. I am so there!
  4. awww damn i wish i was in ny :crybaby:
  5. did anybody go there today? any reports? i want to see photos!!!!
  6. That great link Melodoki!

    No one else wrote in yet? I'm not usally good at this but.. here goes.

    I went yesterday at noon and there was a line.. not humoungous like last year but long enought to know I wouldn't make it back to my job in an hour or so HA. So left and tried later. I stopped by around 3pm and behold.. no line.. it was pretty quiet. Looked exactly like the "Racked link" photos. There were carnival,celebrazione, concerto punk, and eco mondo…none of the older stuff. They also have those Artist in Residence bags. Also, I've hear other girls mentioned the stuff was different every truck load. So the morning crowd had different seletions then the afternoon crowd apprently. The LSS sample sale last year had a lot more variety. This was Tokidoki only.

    Again, prices were not near as promoted 60%-80% but decent for the higher priced items. All and all it was just fun to be surrounded by all those cute little bags! weeee a sea of Tokidoki! :yahoo::wlae::nuts: I got three bags (CP backpack, sorriso and carezza) for myself and my sister..and may stop by again to see if selections get better.
  7. hi nycat, thanks for the report! Just wondering, how's the price range of the Artist in Residence bags? last time it was 80% off, I wonder it is as good this year, thanks in advance!
  8. Hey campertwins... funny u ask.. actually those (Artist in Residence bags) were the best priced items. Most of them were about $25-50.. and u wouldn't think but the bigger the bag the cheaper it was :shrugs::roflmfao::yes:
  9. omg... i wish i could go to that sale...
  10. The sale was not bad.. just was expecting more because they advertised saying they had "older prints".
  11. Even though i'm not a tokidoki fan *please don't kill me* i'm going to check it out tmr. Simply because i love sample sales!
  12. My sister and I were #3 and #4 on line Thursday so we were in the first group that went up to the sale. I bought 3 carezzas in eco mondo, concerto punk & carbone, 1 graziosa in concerto punk, and a hat. My sister bought herself an eco mondo amica to use during the spring semester, a t-shirt and the red record necklace and we picked up a concerto punk amica for my mom.
  13. Aw man, I am so jealous !
  14. wow... sounds like you guys had a wonderful time shopping there... i wish they have sales like this in toronto.