Tokidoki Sale At Nordstrom, Irvine Spectrum

  1. I just went to the Nordstrom at Irvine Spectrum and they had a lot of the Transporto bags on sale. They only carried the Giocco, Buon Viaggio, Ciao Ciao, Campeggio and Dolce in that pattern, but they were marked down from $160 to $106. They also had a couple of all-black bags in Bella, Dolce & Campeggio from $87 to $106, as well as a couple of Famiglia in Zucca. I picked up a Ciao Ciao and Buon Viaggio; the price was just too good to pass up!

    Also, the Macy's has a pretty good selection at the Irvine store, and they usually always have sales if you have a Macy's card...anywhere from 10 to 25% off. Sometimes their clearance sales take an extra 40% off on top of it.

    The Metropark at the Spectrum has received the Giocco Vacanze already. They usually get the newest pattern faster than the department stores, but they normally don't put them on sale.

    Anyone know when the rest of the stores in Southern California will be receiving the Vacanze? I'm getting really impatient!!!
  2. awww! i went to see a movie today but didnt stop by :sad: because i went on monday and they were closed because of the fire
  3. just an update... everything was cleared out except for solids saturday :tdown:
  4. did you manage to get anything?
  5. I didn't really want anymore notte since that's all they had
  6. oh well that sucks
  7. yupp but hopefully collectors got them and not flippers *ahem* yes I'm talking to you and you know who you are
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. i wish hawaii had sales like those!!
  10. i stopped by today... they still have a mamma mia, bv, gioco, and bellas i think