tokidoki questions

  1. 1) where can i get tokidoki clothing and handbags in vancouver?
    2) where can i get tokidoki clothing and handbags in malaysia/hong kong.
    3) price range in us/canadian dollars.
  2. i dont know of anywhere in those areas but i know you can get it online what are you looking for ?
  3. clothings and bags
  4. Azalea Online has both but I dont recommend using them as they have been pretty rude both times I have ordered from them
  5. Going online is ur best bet!
  6. thank you
  7. Here is a place in the US that sells clothing and accessories in La and they offer free shipping

    Japan La
    check out there website and click on the pics... you can place a phone order with them...hope this help.... what are you looking for?
  8. they are also sold at stoneridge shoe stores across canada.
  9. Does anyone have any idea how long there will be a Tokidoki and LeSportSac partnership? How many more prints can we expect other than the ones that have been announced.
    Any idea where to get the Tokidoki Fornarina shoes other than eBay?
  10. They will be in partnership till the end of this year and shoes are sold in bloomindales
  11. Malaysia:
    Clothing - they don't carry them here - best option would be eBay or FourSquare. If i'm not mistaken, even JapanLA doesn't ship international (yet)
    Bags - Isetan (KLCC and Lot 10) and Metro Jaya (MidValley) also in Avenue K but I'm not sure if that's in another department store (never been there yet)
    HTH! :smile: