Tokidoki question

  1. I am starting to love the bags.. been debating on it all weekend in fact.. I even love the smashbox makeup designed to go with it.. but my question is am I too old for one? I am a very young 40 year old..
    I was planning on wearing it mainly weekends with sweats , jeans etc.. fun stuff.. I love the ciao ciao bag..
  2. Claudia, I believe that you're never too old to enjoy whatever it is that brings you joy. Part of life is enjoying whatever it is that makes you happy, go for it!! You should definitely get some Tokidoki!! :love: My mom recenty got a Tokidoki purse and she's in her mid 50's. I have the ciao ciao it's a great messenger for shopping in cities like San Francisco or New York!!
  3. My mom is in her mid 50's and have a tokidoki bag too. It looks great on her. You should go for it.
  4. I'm all for everyone buying tokidoki. :smile:
  5. if it makes you happy, then thats all that matters :]
  6. you know, I think it depends on your style. I couldn't see my mom wearing a toki, for ex., it's just not *her*.... but I could totally see it on someone else. I dunnos if that makes sense. For ex, I have an aunt that loves disney, she's wearing disney clothes and pins etc... all the time, it just seems normal on her. I think you should get what you like, and I hope you join the rest of us tokidoki crazies... hah!
  7. Just beware Claudia...once you start buying Tokidoki you can't stop!!! From the purchase of your first bag it's a downward spiral of non-stop spending!! It sure is fun but it gets pretty expensive really fast! :love:
  8. claudia- GO FOR IT! I recently went to a signing here in Hawaii and I saw people (even guys) from all walks of life carrying tokidoki bags! Old, young, boys, girls- If it makes you happy- you should totally do it! But be fair warned- it can get addicting! Good luck and let us know if you do get one- we wanna see pics!!
  9. Go for it! If it makes you happy and you like it, get it! :yes:
  10. You are definitely not too old, I say get one! (and then another... and another....)
  11. lol ...yeah no kidding once you start buying one ...the buying keeps on an engergizer bunny :biggrin: dont worry i dont think anyone is considered "old" to buy one..its not like they put an age range on who can buy and what fact i saw someone who looks like shes 50-60's that carried a pirata mamma mia just last weekend at Ross :biggrin: so go for it!! hope you enjoy it!
  12. You should definitely go for it! My mom is in her early 50's and she has a stellina inferno that she bought at Bloomingdale's when she accompanied me to meet Simone. It's addicting- once you start, it's soooooo hard to stop!
  13. I'm in your age range and I had the same concern as you but I went out and bought one, then two more...
  14. this proves our theory :graucho:
  15. Thanks as soon as I can I will grab one or two.. lol.. you guys are the best!!!!!