Tokidoki question

  1. Does anyone know where I can order online for a Lesportsac Caramella in Inferno? I have every other one but not this one and I would love to have this!! Thanks!
  2. Try and use coupon code pulse15 for 15% off. and use grechen15 for 15% off and they have free shipping. And try and they also have a 15% off coupon code thats available to you on the website. Goodluck!!!
  3. I might try calling one of the sites. I couldn't find the caramella on their websites. Thank you so much for replying!!!!
  4. I haven't seen them anywhere. I don't understand why the Caramella is so hard to get your hands on. I saw it on the Pulsestl website last week but it's not there any more. I hardly even see them on eBay. We (my Bf and I) bought ours in the SoHo LeSportsac store over the winter. Good Luck!! Let us know if you find one.
  5. musicdust - Did you find one of these?
  6. its kind of hard finding carmella in eBay...i dont see very much of it..if not at all.. just like the angioletto!!
  7. Last time I checked SH Outlet still has an Inferno Carmella for $51 dollars. I would definately give them a call and ask if they still have it!
  8. I ordered one from the Southampton LeSportsac outlet last week!
  9. this thread was since feb :lol: im sure by now she found it??? did you? :lol: