Tokidoki Question

  1. I have a question for anyone who has bought a tokidoki denaro. How do you like it? I was thinking of buying one but because it is small I wanted to hear what people who have one thought.

    By the way this is my first post. I found this forum and I love it! My boyfriend is not too fond of it though he says it will end up costing him more money :yes: .
  2. My boyfriend says the same thing and I just tell him to get over it! I have a denaro and I like it. I did have to downsize and get rid of a lot of stuff. Now I only carry a couple credit cards, my id, and a small amount of other misc. cards. It doesnt hold a lot but it holds enough. I'm happy with mine and its very durable and I've been carrying my wallet for a while now and its not dirty. Go for it! I'm sure you can find it on sale somewhere.
  3. Welcome to tPF blackadara! Tokidoki is VERY addicting, your bf will eventually just learn to accept it as my husband has, haha. He says that the light at the end of the tunnel is that the last Tokidoki collection for LeSportsac will be summer 2007.

    I bought a citta denaro off of eBay. I agree that it is a bit small with only two or three card slots, but I am planning on just carrying the essentials in it- cash, ATM card, license, etc. and then get a separate card holder for all of my other credit cards, pictures, etc. that I don't use as frequently.
  4. welcome to the forum! I too bought a deanaro in playground. I love it, it has the perfect placement. I like the fact that it is smaller, otherwise I carry EVERYTHING around in my wallet. I actually have alot stuffed into it. I have tons of receipts, about 4 cards and my three i.d.'s in it, plus about 2.00 in coins. It fits really nicely in the bags, although I have the bambino in the playground (the smaller one) and I have to manipulate it to fit nicely in there. But it fits perfectly in my Dolce. So i would just worry about fitting it into your smaller bags (if you have any)

    Plus I love my wallet because its signed by simone legno, so everytime I open it up and see the signature and drawing it puts a smile on my face!! ;)
  5. Thanks. I really just wanted to show him that people can actually use it. He was the one that put the idea in my head that it was too small. I.'m ordering it right now.
  6. hey, will the denaro fit in the lv mini pochette? (the tiny little one, its crazy how much but so little fits!)