tokidoki question.

  1. can tokidoki bags be used by men? i'm a guy i love tokidoki bags, i'm gay but not that feminine. so can you suggest tokidoki bags that are masculine? ;)
  2. I know there is another guy here that carries Toki. I believe he has an adios star. Which in my opinion is a good pick for a guy.

    Other possibilities: Tutti, black camo or a solid like fumo or notte and just have the print lining the inside.
  3. There is a guy on here who had a tutti BV or MM, and he looked great with it~ I think that a guy could easily rock a tutti, AS, solid... whatever, in like a campeggio or a backpack~
  4. i know that most of the guys that like tokidoki usually go for the tutti or AS print and it looks just fine on them ^^
  5. ive seen some with inferno too
  6. Reynald0 carries a Tutti BV as a school bag and he totally rocks it. I think a lot of the styles and prints would totally suit guys, gay or straight.

  7. I think Denaro, Campeggio, Nuvola, Scuola, Luna and Trenino are great styles for either sex. Good patterns for guys are Black and Olive Cammo, Inferno, Adios Star, Tutti, Trasporto and Famiglia. There are also the solids in Notte, Fumo (both with Citta lining) or even Arancia (Foresta lining) that would work.
  8. Any of the solids, cammos, inferno, trasporto would be great.
  9. I've seen guys using Canguro too (waist bag), both on the waist and over the shoulder.
  10. i saw a guy the other day with a foresta trenino print in la. i thought it was cute, but my boyfriend wasn't digging it.
  11. I like Inferno for a guy - maybe a Campeggio. :tup:
  12. hMm... for prints i think inferno, tutti, AS, solids, and maybe transporto would be good.

    as for bags... i think that the backpacks, accessories, and some totes can pretty much be worn by anybody if they wanted to. if you arent really into feminine things, i'd skip over the handbags/minibags o.o;
  13. ok; my print suggestions are inferno, tutti, AS, trasporto (is grey manly enough?), famiglia, black or olive camo, foresta, even pirata. just CR&L'amore might be too girly,being so pink and all.

    for styles, all accessories and travel bags and backpacks, of course. campeggio& ciao ciao would be good, i think. i think a guy could work a corriere. &reynald0 definitely rocked his BV(orMM?)
  14. my friend has a paradiso ciao! and he looks super cute with it!
  15. Definitely a Campeggio - prints Inferno, Adios Star, Solids, Tutti.