Tokidoki, Pulip dolls?

  1. I know its kinda off topic but since you collect or have cute tokidoki bags, have you ever tried buying a pulip or a blythe doll before? I really want one and I was just wondering. Do you have one? WHere do you buy it? Do you collect them?
  2. what's a pulip doll? I'm always open to finding new cute and unique things :yes:
  3. I love blythes and pullips, I used to collect both. I was into customizing for a bit, and I made my perfect Alice in Wonderland doll. I'm working on a Cheshire Cat and queen of hearts, but I got sidetracked so they're unfortunately still sitting on my design table :/
  4. I've got a couple of Pullips; I bought some of them online and then one at SDCC. Blythe dolls sort of weird me out though. Too much forehead, I think.

  5. Do you know which website you buy dolls from?
  6. I haven't bought from them before, though I've heard they're reputable. I've used eBay, Pullip Style, and direct from a seller on livejournal in the Pullips community there.
  7. is the best. Shana (the owner) is incredibly sweet.
  8. i love pullip dolls!

  9. Yea Blythe dolls are kinda weird because of their foreheaddd!!!! Thats why I only go for pullips right now.

  10. Sorry to bother you again but have you ever preorder a pullip doll? Do you think its safe to do so? Because i want this horizon taeyang doll however it arrives in the first week of march! If i order I hope they won't forget that I paid money for it to get here!
  11. On how do you even order? I wanted to see more in depths pics but all they have is the little icon? I collect faeries but haven't done dolls yet
  12. Hey, umm you go to the link saying How to order. I've never order from them but from what I read, I think you have to email them with your info, where you live and everything and the doll you want. They will contact you within 24 hours and then tell you if its in stock or whatever. I don't know the payment part though. Paypal or credictcard i believe. I know that pullipstyle is alot cheaper than thevalleyofthedolls.
  13. Join the forum :biggrin: members post up pics of their dolls.I have to admit that the site navigation can be quite confusing at times.

    I've preordered form Shana a number of times and so far no problem at all :biggrin: