tokidoki pronounciation

  1. can anyone please tell me how to pronounce all the tokidoki prints. pretty pls.
  2. prints or styles??
  3. where oh where is paaaaulie... where oh where can she beeeeee

    she did pronunciations in a comment a while back on LJ for all the designs/styles... so hopefully she'll respond to this :biggrin:
  4. i only know that CIAO CIAO is CHOW CHOW >_>;
  5. haha i want to know too. I want to know how to pronounce Spiggia and campeggio. lolz
  6. It's italian right? So the second to last syllable should be pretty exaggerated. I think its SpiggIa and CampeggIo.

    That's all I know. XD
  7. I was thinking about this earlier today, too!

    How do I pronounce Legno? :sweatdrop:
  8. hmm I can try?? :lol:..these are the ones that i remember the SA pronouncing it...
    spiaggia: spee-ah-gah

    dolce: dole-che
    campeggio: cam-pee-gio
    bambinone: bam-bee-oh-nee
  9. dolce is like... dolce and gabbana >_> same thing [dol-chay]
    campeggio [cam-pee-gio] (gio kinda with a Z sound?)
  10. lol but what happens to the last n (or rather, the middle one..) in bambinone?

    i pronounced campeggio as cam-peg-io.. and spiaggia as spa-gee-ah..

  11. my coworker who is italian was teaching me how to say the names properly but i can't exactly remember too well.

    All I remember is:
    all this time i've been saying arancia as "aran-see-a" when it is actually "aran-cha"

    and i've been pronouncing the "g" in famiglia .. but I learned it's really pronounced "fa-mee-lee-a"

    and umm i can't remember what else he told me "push:
  12. Hehe, if vmasterz is right, I have been massacring all of the pronunciations.
  13. Idk if Im right?? :lol: I just remembered the way the SAs pronounced it to me since they corrected the way I pronounced it when I asked questions about certain prints/styles. So I would assume that said it wrong and thats the reason why they corrected me..unless they pronounced it wrong too..then two wrongs dont make a right? :lol:

    Anyone here Italian??? :graucho:
  14. i'd love to know this too since when people ask me questions about my bag i feel so stupid ahah
  15. so what about buon viaggio? cuz i feel like an idiot when i try to pronounce it :shrugs: