Tokidoki prints cut to your displeasure?

  1. have any of you found your tokidoki print arranged on your handbag to be less visually pleasing as the one showed by default online? I was quite worried about that before my handbag came, but I found myself so happy with the outcome! The reason I'm asking is because there have been some bags online that the print wasn't cut to my liking. Have any of you had that problem?
  2. Usually I am pretty flexible on print placement as long as a couple of my fav characters are somewhere. The only print I have been truly disappointed with is my Adios Star Zucca and Denaro. The denaro has NO characters at all other than half a chili pepper. The Zucca has characters, but not that many and none of my favorites on front. (I ordered directly from before I even knew about Pulse.) But I was able to get an A.S. ciao from the outlet last month with a bunch of favorite characters so it made up for the bad placements on the other 2 A.S. items.
  3. i've never ordered online before due exactly to this thought, but i don't think you could go wrong w/Tutti, if any print.
  4. the only bags i've bought without seeing them first were playground, one olive which doesn't really matter what placement you get cuz the characters are so small, and a tan BV which was big enough that nothing gets cut off.

    everything else i chose the exact placement.
    the newer prints have so much to them that it's easy to get bad placement

    my sister has a pirata bv that has the worst placement ever, but she doesn't really care.
  5. everyone can agree that PRINT PLACEMENT, can make or break a toki purchase...I have literally walked throught Macys with like 3 or 5 bags on my arms trying to decide which bag to go with...I need a 12 step program :graucho:
  6. the spiaggia mm shown on looks NOTHING like the one i got. but i expected that since the spiaggia print is quite big although i loved the one on the site :sad: