Tokidoki Print Dilemma

  1. Now that I am finally about to be able to purchase my very first Tokidoki bag (more to come, later!), and I have studied the size reference thread very carefully, looking at the size of the bags, how you guys on this forum rate the functionality of the bags, and putting that against what I want out of the bag--basically, it has to be a crossbody bag because I want something completely hands-free and the last five bags that I have owned were all shoulder bags; something that can hold not only essentials like makeup and Pink Nintendo DS, but also stuff like a book, journal or small sketchbook if I feel like reading, writing or drawing; and easy-access if I need to get something in a hurry and don't feel like digging around for stuff--I have selected the Corriere as what I feel is the most practical and best suited to my personal needs. Now in the future, I want to pick up a Trenino and Luna for travel bags, but for the immediate future I will only have the one, so I want to make sure that I pick the print that I will be the happiest with looking at until I can afford to buy more.

    That is where my dilemma--and you guys!--come in.

    I like sooooo many of the prints, all for different reasons. I love the new Tutti print, but I am thinking of getting that in the Portatelefono for when I get my iPhone, instead of on the Corriere itself. So that leaves:

    Citta/Citta Rosa: I live in Dallas, which is a big metropolitan area, and I am lucky enough that my apartment is within walking distance to my job. The city is so alive and pulsing, especially at night, and I absolutely love it. Plus, my DH and I are planning a trip to Tokyo, and that's a whole nother world of throbbing urban nightlife. This print would be easy to carry even to work, and I wouldn't have to carry a tote bag along with my purse on my walks (well the latter is more a point of the Corriere than the Citta/Rosa print...). Citta is less flashy because it's not "PINK!" like the Citta Rosa, so it would probably be the more versatile of the two. When I get my Trenino, I want it in one of these prints as well, so if I do decide on one of these prints, the Trenino will be the other one. I love this print because of the city as I mentioned before and also because of the awesome tattooed chicks. I don't have any yet, but I am a fan of great tattoos and the biggest selling point to me of Tokidoki for LeSportsac when it first came out was the tattooed chicks from the ads, so when tan Playground came out I fell completely in love. Of course the Corriere doesn't come in this print (I might pick it up in the Scuola style later on), but when I saw Citta Rosa I loved it even more. I have nothing against the color pink, it just seems really bright for every day. And in a Trenino, I could see it coming in handy because it's so bright you'd never lose it.

    Inferno: This print would go with my personal style probably the best. When I'm not on the job at the graphic design company I work for, I tend to dress very goth, so this suits my personality very well. Plus, I love horror games like Silent Hill and this print fits into lots of other things that I love as well. Really, the only reason I hesitate to go with this one is the lack of tattooed chicks--as I mentioned before that was always my favorite aspect of Tokidoki and not having them on a bag I'm going to use every day... if this print had some it would be a pretty clear choice for me.

    Pirata: I have always loved the ocean, and I love the fact that this print has a mermaid on it! Plus, I'm a big fan of Pirates of the Caribbean and Jack Sparrow, and the fact that it's also got the rockin' tattooed chicks on it is a definite plus. I also used to read books about real shipwrecks and lost treasure and used to dream about diving for it.

    So.... opinions? Thoughts? Suggestions? I really am caught in a dilemma here and I don't even know which one I should choose. :sweatdrop:
  2. I like inferno & am looking for one currently (though I don't know which style!) but I'd have to say my favorite out of the ones you've chosen is pirata, which was my second bag [zucca]. At first I wasn't sure about it, but I fell in love with all the gems & treasures, as well as the message in a bottle characters, and ESPECIALLY the mermaid. Everything about it is just so whimsical & neat. And I'll agree, I too love the sweet tattooed pirate girls.

    It sounds like inferno would match well with you, but it also sounds like you have a real love for pirates/history, so I would say go for pirata. :biggrin:
  3. Yay Corrieres ROCK. They are so under-discussed here. XP I have a Pirata one and I love it! I say go with the Inferno because the one thing that bugs me about my pirata corriere is that sometimes the ladies' heads are cut off =P and the little guys in Inferno is small 'nuf so that it won't look as awkward. AND I believe there are some Inferno Corrieres around in the outlets.
  4. I say Citta Rosa or Inferno!!

    Or maybe whichever one is easiest to find. :push: Hehe.
  5. Hiya Atrophia. I took the Corriere picture from an eBay listing, so you can see how it will look. I have nothing against the Corriere because I think its a cute bag but I just dont like it with Pirata. It cuts the print too much. I think if you have your heart set on getting a Corriere then I think you should get it with a print that is smaller like Inferno or prob Transporto will look very cute on it. But if you really want Pirata then I think you should consider a Campeggio. I love mine and its a hand free bag that holds a lot. The picture I put is my Pirata Campeggio. And with the campeggio you get a lot of the print. :tup:
  6. I would say Citta or Inferno !! I love those two.
    BUT! if I were you, I'd get all of them. LOL xD
  7. I have a citta rosa corriere and LOVE it!! I would recommend the inferno print too for the same reason that Scorpiyo gave. Plus the citta print gets dirty easily and since it sounds like you will definitely be using it a whole lot the inferno is a better choice.
  8. Inferno is my favorite print! Like Danelys, I am also a fan of the campeggio style. I personally think this is the most useful and practical style--you can wear it crossbody, or shorten the strap and wear it on the shoulder. The two pockets on the outside are a great feature. If the campeggio's too big for you, there's the stellina, which although looks small, is actually quite roomy.
  9. Did you decide what to buy yet? :graucho:
  10. Inquiring minds would like to know.

    I'd have voted Citta probably, because I don't think the colors of Pirata would go as well with "goth-y" clothing unless you wear lots of blue, because there's brown straps. but that's just my opinion. Most of my clothing is black, and I used to carry Inferno all the time, but I've been rocking OP lately. It does have black straps, at least. heh. &Citta's got the chicks & black straps, so it seems most fitting. Gah, I hope you got all 3.
  11. I am still trying to decide... I put in a bid on a Citta Rosa Campeggio on eBay that was kinda half-hearted at the time as I still kinda have my heart set on the Corriere. I like the fact that if I got a small laptop, that I could use the Campeggio for a laptop bag as well, and Campeggios are, well, certainly easier to find. I don't think it would be as big on me as it looks on bubblesung (so petite and cute!), so that's definitely a factor. But I was also planning to use my future Trenino as a laptop bag anyways, and at the moment I don't even have a laptop of my own, and DH has own laptop bag (it would be quite funny seeing him carry one in Citta Rosa! He has confessed to being willing to own an Adios Star Portatelefono as a DS case though!). I especially like that the Corriere has the little cell phone pocket on the strap for immediate access, and the pocket on the front for essentials you need to get to in a hurry, and the bigger portion for other stuff. The sad fact is I'm reduced to scouring eBay because even though I live in Dallas, I can't find anyplace that has any at the brick and mortar, and I've looked all over the Galleria even! But then, even if they did have them they probably wouldn't have any of the prints that I really want. So that leaves eBay, and finding one, when you can actually afford to pay for one, is the challenge... it seems like when you're broke they're all over the place and as soon as you have any money they all go into hiding :rolleyes: And the original question, the print? By this point, since I'd be fairly happy with any of them, it's really just going to depend on what I can find on eBay.
  12. Inferno is my fav as well. Kinda goes with everything- what colors do you wear/like most: black, pink, yellow, blue???
  13. Corriere Inferno :love: awesome bag