tokidoki plush?

  1. hey, I heard that the tokidoki plushes were supposed to be released soon~ anyone know where we can pre-order them or if they're already up for sale?? I really want the mozzerella one!! :yahoo:
  2. thanks cleofe!! =D=D
  3. you're welcome :smile:
  4. is that imageanime site reliable? they have mozz for the cheapest so far
  5. These plushies are so cute! Will other characters be plushed too or just Sandy and Mozz?
  6. i think japanla also has them...not sure if the lowest price...
  7. I found some cheaper ones on eBay.

    And Lucky Mango...what figure is in your avatar? And where can I get it??
  8. hey, lovelaine- its a pic of a custom moz that Simone did at the MOA in Los Angeles, I think you can find the pic on the blog.;)